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Tealeaf 25-05-2004 10:06

Shafted Again By Government
Some of you may be aware that while our glorious council is busy spending our money on it's 30th Anniversery bash or pandering to their own profanity by wasting even more of our money on doing up the site outside the Globe centre, it's big brother in Whitehall has decided we are'nt getting enough of this nonsense.

Have a look at this:

It now appears that the old Lancashire County will finally be terminated, having endured death by a thousand cuts in the last 30 years, while we the lucky people of Hyndburn will be become a sublimal part of that beacon of excellence, Blackburn with Darwen.

So there we have it, folks. In this wonderful new democracy , the emptying of our wheelie bins will be undertaken from Darwen, our cats rescued from trees by the North West Assembley Fire Brigade, our taxes imposed by skirt-wearing scotsmen in a "British Parliament" and our laws made by a rag-tag mob of mafiosa, corrupt ex-welsh politicians, incompetent eurocrats and any other riff-raff rounded up from the dog-dirt plastered streets of Brussels.

I think I'll emigrate; Iraq sounds like a nice place to be.

Bazf 25-05-2004 13:59

Re: Shafted Again By Government
Look on the happy side its not part of Greater Manchester yet!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:

Acrylic-bob 25-05-2004 15:54

Re: Shafted Again By Government
I'm with you Tealeaf.
This has Prescott's grubby fingermarks all over it. It kinda looks like the proposed Northwest Assembly is now more or less an established fact, whether we vote for it or not.
So much for Democracy. I, for one, intend to deface my postal ballot paper for this summer's elections in protest, on the grounds that I would not trust any of the candidates to sit the right way round on a lavatory, and I would urge other electors to do the same. Run a council? They couldn't run a bath! And if any of them deign to condescend to turn up on my doorstep, which would be a novel departure from the norm in this neck of the woods, I shall tell them so to their faces.

Tealeaf 25-05-2004 16:06

Re: Shafted Again By Government
Don't waste time defacing the ballot paper,Bob, because remember you've got to stick it in the post and the way things are at the moment there's no chance it will get delivered where it's supposed to be delivered.

It's got Prescotts paws all over it because Straw has been up his you-know-what to rig things up for his mates in Blackburn. As for the regional assembley bit, we all know where that comes from - that slimey windbag kinnock - get rid of the Nation-State and have a "Europe of the Regions".....the plans been knocking around in Brussels for years now, and finally thanks to that clown Prescott it's going to come to fruition.

Well, you know what Europe can do with it's Euro, it's "parlament", it's Commissioners and all the other bag & baggage of a crypto-Napoleonic Facist State...........

ShortStuff 25-05-2004 20:09

Re: Shafted Again By Government
I'm still fairly new to all this voting nonsense (feel sorry for the sixteen year olds who may have to vote). I still don't understand the difference between right and left, conservative, labour or liberal. All I know is no matter what they promise every party will fall back on it's word - I have looked through all the political leaflets that have been posted through my door and I agree with some of the points on all of them - but I don't trust any of them to stand by those points. It's no wonder younger generations don't bother - there's just too much crap to wade through. The government should have to pay a penalty to the people if they go against a policy - afterall - if a shop sold a product under false protences - they could get sued. A GOVERNMENT SHOULD DO WHAT IT SAYS ON THE BOX!

Ceejache 25-05-2004 20:23

Re: Shafted Again By Government
The whole debacle surrounding the naming of the new council offices and that disgrace of a waterfountain outside it amazes me. Who cares - just repair the many holes in the roads, collect our bins on time and stop the outbreak of plague, do something to crack down on the wave of anti-social and threatening behaviour, attract some kind of business in to the town centre apart from the wave of pound stores, do something about the patchwork quilted tarmac on Broadway etc etc..these are the real issues amongst others. I'm sure that I speak for many when I say that I view the 30th anniversary celebrations with total apathy - what exactly have we got to celebrate?! I am proud to be from Hyndburn/Accrington yet the faults are painfully obvious for all to see. I fear that if we are governed from Blackburn and Darwen then we will receive second-class attention similar to that which Rishton and Clayton receive now from the existing council

Acrylic-bob 26-05-2004 06:03

Re: Shafted Again By Government
I agree wholeheartedly.
The council appear to be far more concerned with apeing what goes on in Downing street than in attending to the problems that electors mandated them for. I mean, what is all this 'Cabinet' nonsense in aid of? And now the labour group are describing themselves as holders of shadow portfolios. Strikes me that a reality check is long overdue at the Town Hall. Mind you, the elected halfwits are enough of a liability, but it is the unelected ones in the Globe Centre that are the real danger. Mornin' Mr Rix!

Tealeaf 26-05-2004 07:47

Re: Shafted Again By Government
Trouble is, Bob, the Council is a bit behind the times. We used to have - as part of the unwritten constitution of this country - the concepts of "collective cabinet responsibility". "individual ministerial responsibility" and the Prime Minister was merely the "First Among Equals".

Alas, this all began to change with Thatcher and now with Blair. He take decisions and determins major policy whether the cabinet likes it or not; their role is simply to fill in the bits and provide the mouthpiece. Other than in name, our system of government is now a Presidential one - more so probably than even in the US, where at least Congress is independant of the Executive.

So come on Hyndburn Council. Move with the times. Get yourself a President before it's to late - someone who can go naked into the conference chamber and seriously kick some Blackburn-with-Darwen ****....come on, now - who's it going to be?

hells bells - the censor's got out of bed early this morning....

JohnW 26-05-2004 11:04

Re: Shafted Again By Government

You sound like just the person to me to enter the conference chamber naked and kick some Blackburn with Darwen backside. President Tealeaf - has a nice ring to it don't you think?

:whack: :spank: :hitting8:

Acrylic-bob 26-05-2004 14:27

Re: Shafted Again By Government
President Tealeaf would get my vote everytime.

Tealeaf 26-05-2004 14:30

Re: Shafted Again By Government
I'd give it a go, John, but I probably end up assassinated on the first day.

I nominate Bob

Mik Dickinson 26-05-2004 14:33

Re: Shafted Again By Government
Well Tealeaf, Bavaria is a nice place.Been here For 22 years in September

Tealeaf 26-05-2004 14:37

Re: Shafted Again By Government
I'll have to visit the BeerKeller in Munich...look for some hints on how to organise a Putsh.....

JohnW 26-05-2004 14:46

Re: Shafted Again By Government
Tealeaf, if you're going to emigrate I can highly recommend the U.S. of A., especially here in Florida where the sun shines throughout the year. The American people are very friendly and generous, (one of the few countries left in the world whose people have a genuine liking for we English) and the standard of living is second to none.

Tealeaf 26-05-2004 14:50

Re: Shafted Again By Government
I used to have a good mate in St Petersburg. names Bert Watson. Do you know him by any chance? He worked for the Florida Orange Juice Commission.

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