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Neal 03-06-2004 16:25

How Patriotic?
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So come on then, whose flying the flags for England / Euro 2004 the and WW2 rememberance?

Let's see your images, here's some of mine. I've put this on Burnley Web too so sorry if you've read it twice!

ShortStuff 03-06-2004 20:32

Re: How Patriotic?
Bought an England flag for my car on Sunday - and it got nicked while parked outside my house on Monday!!!

Bagpuss 03-06-2004 20:52

Re: How Patriotic?
It's nearly 2 weeks before the footy starts and the amount of flags flying is amazing I never knew we where so patriotic about the English team. With the local elections coming up it's good to see the flag being flown in Burnley. A quick question at work today shows 80% who I asked are flying the flag now because we are English and want to upset other religions and of course the Scots, great idea.

Angel 04 04-06-2004 04:18

Re: How Patriotic?
Very funny

Tealeaf 04-06-2004 10:33

Re: How Patriotic?
Flying the flag for the England football team? You must be joking. To fly the flag in support of that bunch of 4th-rate, overpaid, underperforming losers is an insult to the flag.

Our flag should be treated with the reverence it deserves, not hanging off the aeriel - like a bit of oily rag - of every other unwashed white van whenever the England footy team are about to endure yet another thrashing by some tinpot third world country.

Either fly the flag permanently - get yourself a flagpole in the backyard, like the Yanks have - or fly it on special occaisions, such as the victory of the England Rugby team (a man's game) - but don't soil it for those sorry clowns, the England footy team.

glasgow guy 04-06-2004 10:43

Re: How Patriotic?
I think its good to see union jacks flying but I have to admit I am slightly sick of seeing so many St.George flags, but then again what else am I going to see living in England ??
I dare say that english people living in scotland when they qualified for the last world cup they were in were probably sick of looking at St.Andrews flags - its nice to see all the same but why not all the time ? why only when the footy starts - was in florida last month and there are stars & stripes flags everywhere - because they are a proud nation - Us british are too so why not fly our flags all the time ?

Ceejache 04-06-2004 11:56

Re: How Patriotic?
Probably because some left-wing do-good loony will come round and order you to take it down for fear of upsetting the ethnic minority. No hot-cross buns or Christmas Nativities allowed either! (But it is ok to preach anti-british hatred/treason in the streets)

glasgow guy 04-06-2004 13:28

Re: How Patriotic?
probably , I heard last week that a car showroom in liverpool or somewhere were orderd to take down their flags as it may upset the ethnic minority - and that was despite the ethnic minority saying it didnt bother them !!
too many chiefs and not enough indians !

JohnW 04-06-2004 13:43

Re: How Patriotic?
Too much political correctness bull****!

We have had our flag, our traditions and our language for many many centuries. If you come to our country learn the language and learn to accept the flag. We don't care how things are done in your old country, you are here now and need to do things the British way. Here we excercise freedom of speech, and you may complain about things if you wish. Please compain in a non-violent way. If you can't accept our ways, our flag and our language I would urge you to excercise another of our freedoms - the right to leave and go back to wherever it was you came from.

Ceejache 04-06-2004 13:52

Re: How Patriotic?
Only last week a pub chain (not Yates or Wetherspoons but something like that) said that over Euro 2004 anyone wearing an England top would not be allowed in their establishments - any other country's shirt no problem, but not England. Pathetic.....

I wonder what would happen if one refused an order to take down a flag. Arrested? On what charge? Its a shame that this week 60 years men and women died to prevent the spread of the Nazis and Fascism and to preserve our countrys identity - and look what happens now. I have no time for the BNP but things like this and the Governments woeful policies regarding you-know-what are plain playing right into the hands of them.

Respect to anyone flying the flag (St.George or Union) for the right reasons!

Neal 04-06-2004 14:51

Re: How Patriotic?
Well my flags (St George and Union Jack) are always flying, and i'm having the flag on the chimney soon too, not sure which one yet though, the Union Jack or St George cross.

I agree, we should fly our flags all the time and be proud, like I do.

Saying that, a sales rep came into my place of work the other day and he said when he came off the M65, he was stopped by the Police and asked to take his St George flag down as it was racially intimidating in this area (Feniscowles, Blackburn). I mean, why? This is England / Britain. I'm glad to say that he refused to take it down, and the Police can do nothing about it.

If your told to take them down, refuse to do so. They can't do a thing.

ShortStuff 06-06-2004 20:44

Re: How Patriotic?
I agree that we should be able to show the flags all the time - but footy competitions is about the only time we feel we are allowed - (although I do wish them well - I don't care how much they're paid they're still representing England, so I want them to win). This issue in this country is getting totally out of hand and if the government chooses not to recognise the English then I'm afraid they are leaving the doors wide open for the BNP.

Neal 06-06-2004 23:44

Re: How Patriotic?
Well i've now had the St George flag put on my chimney, you can see it over to your left as you come off the M65 Eastbound Junction 10!!!!

Ceejache 07-06-2004 01:01

Re: How Patriotic?
Tealeaf - I find your lack of faith disturbing!!!! (said in the best Darth Vader voice!) I take it you wont be watching come June 13th? Give the boys a break for christs sake.......granted, were not the best team in the world but......C'mon England!!!!!

Fly the flag with pride!!!!!!

Neal 07-06-2004 04:44

Re: How Patriotic?
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Well finally got it done. After hearing that some towns and cities are stopping people from flying the flag, I decided on the St George Cross

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