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Atarah 18-06-2004 10:25

Cinema in Accrington
Did you know the Premiere cinema in Accrington has now changed its name to "VUE"
They have just changed the sign this week

janet 18-06-2004 12:02

Re: Cinema in Accrington
Hi atarah, the new owners are also going to upgrade the sound system too.So that should make it much better.

simon 18-06-2004 12:04

Re: Cinema in Accrington
Must agree janet the old sound system stop me using accy pics :(

Smiffy16 18-06-2004 15:56

Re: Cinema in Accrington
It's rubbish accy cinema

WillowTheWhisp 18-06-2004 16:20

Re: Cinema in Accrington
It's better than no cinema at all. I'm glad someone has taken over. They've owned it for a few weeks I think.

Footynut 18-06-2004 17:04

Re: Cinema in Accrington
it is better having a cinema than no cinema but there are only a few good films on at the moment. (Cant wait till Shrek 2 comes out, first one was brilliant)

Bazf 18-06-2004 17:39

Re: Cinema in Accrington
Sherk 2 is excellent,very very funny.:rofl38: :rofl38: :rofl38:

sarnie boy 18-06-2004 20:06

Re: Cinema in Accrington
I went dere and the picture and sound quality is ace
accy cinema is well better than the hollywood star 1
Shrek 2 Trailers say it all;)
like the cat bit
lets keep him
but look at him in his liitle boots

markuze 22-06-2004 15:40

Re: Cinema in Accrington
Yeah I know I went in asking 4 some info on times etc and they gave me a leaflet with the vue on and theres a site- I think its great Im glad they re-opened it u can bowl there 2 of course!

lettie 22-06-2004 16:05

Re: Cinema in Accrington
Haven't been yet since the takeover, but the sound system was in dire need of improvement. I never used to mind going to Burnley flicks, until I saw a mouse dart under one of the seats in 2002. My friend was hysterical at the time, as she saw it too. She spent the entire time we were in there shuffling in her seat... :)

Busman747 23-06-2004 21:44

Re: Cinema in Accrington
Just moved up from the south (Beds) and down there, instead of refurbishing cinemas, they just turn them into bingo halls!

WillowTheWhisp 23-06-2004 21:47

Re: Cinema in Accrington
:s_sad: We don't refurbish much up here - we seem to knock most things down.

lettie 23-06-2004 21:52

Re: Cinema in Accrington
You're right Willow. Nothing seems sacred from the bulldozer in Accy. Will have to check out the pictures though. May have to bribe my little sis to come and see Harry Potter with me.

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