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cashman 10-03-2015 18:47

Re: Bigoted or free speech
So how come they have taken it off the air this Sunday Dave? looks very iffy to me.

Less 10-03-2015 18:55

Re: Bigoted or free speech
Typical, we get a bigot we can all live with because he says it as it is, some upstart prissy producer complains to the beeb and the star of the show is suspended!
Yeah O.K. if he has done wrong they need to investigate, BUT, why don't they give us the full story? Surely the BBC, the honest voice of the nation shouldn't hide behind closed doors? They always tell us if they think someone else needs exposing, ah well, I'll carry on paying my licence fee & my subscribing to sky news, I wonder which will be the first to reveal the truth about this ground breaking news?

DaveinGermany 10-03-2015 19:14

Re: Bigoted or free speech

Originally Posted by cashman (Post 1135738)
So how come they have taken it off the air this Sunday Dave? looks very iffy to me.

I think the BBC paid for the show, so "it's theirs", but I believe Jeremy Clarkson holds the rights to the franchise.

Apparently he took a swing at someone, but it doesn't give the reason why, suppose we'll just have to wait & see.

Jeremy Clarkson suspended: BBC refuses to say whether Top Gear will ever return after it is pulled from schedules - Telegraph

accyman 10-03-2015 21:59

Re: Bigoted or free speech
if jeremy clarkson was as big of a biggot or racist as some people would have you believe i doubt many of the black or foreign stars who are in a position where they cant be seen as been ok with racism would have ever been on his show at all yet alone sit there and have him take the urine out of their car history

these people have been after clarkson for years yet i have yet to hear of any black guest on his show or person of a different creed to him make a formal complaint of racism to the police

many of the black or foreign guests have actually been back more than once

when clarkson is gone who will they target next?

that pope fella wears white way too often if you ask me and i bet they are thinking it as well lol

Barrie Yates 11-03-2015 08:25

Re: Bigoted or free speech

Originally Posted by DaveinGermany (Post 1135736)
I wouldn't count on it Cashy, he brings way to much revenue into the BBC coffers & on top of that he owns "Top gear". If they really make an issue out of it he can take it with him & set up somewhere else. Any chosen channel would have his arm off, before he'd even sat down to talk terms.

I am sure that he owns something like 40% of the rights, or whatever of the show.
If the BBC dump him he will soon be snapped up by another broadcaster - same show, different name. I used to watch it regularly but I found it became a little boring, will probably watch the reincarnation though.

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