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maxthecollie 07-02-2015 15:14

Insurance quotes
Why is it whenever I get my insurance renewal notice and look on the web I can always get my insurance company to lower the price. Do they think we will accept their renewal at face value? I have saved 1 this year with my usual company and got an upgrade to premium.

accyman 07-02-2015 16:19

Re: Insurance quotes
car insurance is legalized extortion because by law we have to have it the companies can use any trick in the book to charge you more and theres not much we can do about it.

im not saying we shouldnt have it law that we have car insurance but i think we shoud be protected from insurance companies especially now that your premium can go up if you are in an accident that wasnt your fault or report something then decide not to claim and your premium still go up despite not claiming

as for your situation insurance companies proffit from peoples forgetfullness or lazyness and know that a lot of people either sit back and let auto renewal take care of things or cant be bothered shopping around filling in details over and over again

it used to be that if you didnt claim and stayed with a company your next years insurance would be lower.Now you can find that despite not claiming your price can be double

maxthecollie 07-02-2015 17:19

Re: Insurance quotes
This is my Home and Contents insurance .I have saved 30 altogether as they pricematched and knocked another quid.

accyman 08-02-2015 12:45

Re: Insurance quotes
same thing really as they were happy to rip you off until you said you were going elsewhere.If a company wants customer loyalty they should show some loyalty to their customers not wait for customers to notice they are been overcharged

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