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Barrie Yates 10-08-2016 22:13

Art Competition
Accrington Grammar School Old Boys Association are to hold an Art Competition.
The competition will be run in conjunction with the Haworth Art Gallery, who have promised to hold an exhibition of the best entries in February 2017
The competition will be divided into sections for those pupils who, on 1st January 2017, will be aged a)11 & 12yrs, b) 13 & 14yrs and c) 15-17yrs . Prizes of £100, £60 and £40 will be awarded to the winners in each section. It will be open to pupils resident in Hyndburn. The entries may be drawings or paintings of any subject in any medium and of a size not exceeding A3. They should not be framed, but should be stuck onto black card larger than the picture so as to show a black border around it.
Each entry must be certified by a teacher at the entrantís school that it is the work of the named pupil. An entry form must be attached to the back of the entry showing the entrantís name, address, age at 1.1.17, school and parentsí phone number. In addition, a text of up to 50 words giving the title and an explanation of it may be added. An example of the Entry Form will be provided to each school before the closing date for entries.
Entries should be taken to the Haworth Art Gallery 22nd to 25th November (12noon to 4.30pm) On 1st February the exhibition will be launched and prizes/certificates given out. It will run for the whole month.
Notification of this event was made to Hyndburn Schools in May but only one school acknowledged receipt.
We are hoping that by posting this, pupils could be encouraged by parents, relatives or friends, to take part in the competition.

Bob Dobson 11-08-2016 18:58

Re: Art Competition
I will be sending details to all schools and to the media at end of this month

Turtle 11-08-2016 21:26

Re: Art Competition
The Accrington Old Boys Association and Haworth Art Gallery should be commended for encouraging youngsters in their art. Only good can come of it :)

cashman 11-08-2016 21:47

Re: Art Competition
If only one school acknowledged receipt, thats pretty poor by the schools in my view, i agree with Turtles view, that only good can come of this gesture,

Bob Dobson 12-08-2016 19:00

Re: Art Competition
In recent years, the Old Boys have bought cricket bats and given them to schools, donated to a local organisation which teaches cricket to pupils, held an essay-writing competition and given bursaries to help some lads and lasses improve their foreign language skills. We want to associate ourselves with 'putting something back' into local education for 11 to 17yrs olds. We are very conscious of the advantage we were given. The committee meets next week. We may well discuss the recent news that the government may well bring grammar schools back, but mostly we discuss matters which start with "Do you remember......."

Barrie Yates 12-08-2016 22:54

Re: Art Competition
A surprise that Bob forgot to mention that we also made a donation to the Hyndburn Police Cadets, to assist some of them to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

Bob Dobson 24-08-2016 20:22

Re: Art Competition
A major problem with my computer at a time when we should be sending details of this competition out to schools has forced the Accrington Grammar School Old Boys to abandon this competition. We will instead be looking at other ways to help the town's youngsters. The decision was made easier because we were of the opinion that the liaison we have had from schools has been woefully inadequate. Today I spoke with as chap who works on sending youngsters to Outward Bound camps, and he had scant regard for most schools. When we have decided on the action we will take, I will keep Accyweb posted.

Barrie Yates 04-10-2016 08:59

Re: Art Competition
It is with considerable regret that the Accrington Grammar School Old Boys Association has been forced to cancel the Art Competition scheduled for later this year.

Despite sending emails to the Head Teachers/Art Teachers at every senior school in Hyndburn we have received only one response. We therefore assume that the schools have no interest in what we were attempting to sponsor.

We had a similar response to our Essay Competition a couple of years ago when of the 28 entries received 24 were from one school – Rhyddings.

It has been decided that we will not attempt any further competitions, but as one of our stated aims is to give some encouragement to the senior school pupils of Hyndburn, we will accept requests for sponsorship from any of the various Youth Organisations within the Borough of Hyndburn. In the past we have supported the Police Cadets and foreign language activities for one school's pupils.

Further information on the sponsorship will be provided in the near future.

Bob Dobson 04-10-2016 11:33

Re: Art Competition
I have spoken to several people who have had similar experiences with schools. Some years ago, I wrote to the Hyndburn office of the County Education Officer. I was denied an interview to discuss liasing with schools. Anyway - we look forward to hearing from local youth organisations. I suggest that you send Barrie a PM with an email address setting out what work your organisation does with youngsters.

Michael1954 04-10-2016 12:40

Re: Art Competition
I am sorry the competition has had to be cancelled.The apathy shown by the schools is disappointing.

Margaret Pilkington 04-10-2016 17:56

Re: Art Competition

Originally Posted by Michael1954 (Post 1178261)
I am sorry the competition has had to be cancelled.The apathy shown by the schools is disappointing.

I second that emotion.
They are missing out on valuable opportunities to motivate young talented youngsters in our schools...And I would guess it is the schools which are apathetic rather than the children..Does not bode well for future generations.

dotti34 05-10-2016 09:53

Re: Art Competition
That is so disappointing for you, and lost opportunities for talented youngsters. I would be inclined to write an article in the local paper regarding what your organisation has done up to now to help young people and what you had wanted to do this time but have had to cancel for the apathetic way your offer has been received, and the lack of response.

I can quite understand you deciding not to pursue holding such events in the future but it would be interesting to know what parents (especially those of artistically talented children) feel about the apathy shown in this instance. If you did decide to try again I think once parents know about it the response might be much different. I would like to hope so.

Also it is very rude not to at least respond to invitations whether accepting or declining. Very bad manners.

cashman 05-10-2016 16:04

Re: Art Competition

Originally Posted by dotti34 (Post 1178358)
That is so disappointing for you, and lost opportunities for talented youngsters. I would be inclined to write an article in the local paper

Also it is very rude not to at least respond to invitations whether accepting or declining. Very bad manners.

And these people our kids are learning from, I'm glad mine have grown up.:rolleyes:

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