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Margaret Pilkington 04-05-2019 16:31

Is there anyone out there who can recommend someone good who can repair my computer.

Today I did a system restore, which seemed to have worked OK, the machine went through what it had to do...then as it does it restarts....and this is where the problem arose....the consumer box tripped and cut the power off while the computer was doing the restart.
When I had sorted that out the computer came back, but all I have had is a black screen with the cursor.

I have tried the Ctrl,Alt delete....that does nothing....I have pressed the f8 key....again nothing.
I have tried restart in safe mode...but I am running out of ideas.

If there is anyone who has any solution for my problem it will be gratefully received.
Failing that, recommendations for someone who understand these things.....I do not want to send this machine to the graveyard up Whinney Hill.

Thank you in anticipation.

cashman 04-05-2019 18:15

Re: Help....!
Sorry Margaret not a clue am useless with this stuff, mick used to sort mine out.

Margaret Pilkington 04-05-2019 18:21

Re: Help....!
That's alright Cashy.
I thought it was worth a shout out. Thanks for reading about it....and for adding a response.
Himself just says get the blooming thing replaced.
What he doesn't 'get' is that there is a lot of my design stuff on this machine.....and no!
I have not learned my lesson because it was NOT backed up.
Also a new machine needs repopulating with all the stuff I use.
This desk top is a Dell optiflex 780.
It was a refurbed model and it was not a lot of money. I could replace it like for like for a little over 100.....but I really would like to get this machine fixed....and better still do it myself.
That is a real long shot.

Margaret Pilkington 04-05-2019 18:27

Re: Help....!
All this happened because Firefox(who I am losing patience with) did an automatic update and disabled my Adblock plus and privacy badger.
I wanted to take the machine back to before the automatic update.
I wish I had left the damn thing alone now....or found an alternative ad blocker

gpick24 04-05-2019 22:36

Re: Help....!
I think 1st thing you should do is get your important files copied to another pc, you have access to a working computer Margaret?

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Ryewolf90 04-05-2019 22:40

Re: Help....!
Do you know what version of Windows you are using?

Margaret Pilkington 04-05-2019 22:46

Re: Help....!
Thank you both for your responses.
I am running on windows 7 professional.
I cannot access any files because although the starting Windows screen does appear briefly, it is soon replaced by the black screen with just the cursor.
I have access to a MacBook and my iPad.
If the machine does prove to be terminal, then I will have to accept the loss of my design files....and just have to do them again.

I really, really should have learned my lesson from the past ...and backed up my files.

Ryewolf90 04-05-2019 23:02

Re: Help....!
And you're sure pressing F8 isn't bringing up the usual Advanced Boot Options?

It sounds like the Operating system got corrupted when you had the power failure. I've used Use It Computers in Rishton before.

All might not be lost, just because the Operating System isn't working you may still be able to get your files back by removing the hard drive and connecting it to an external hard disk caddy and connecting that to a different computer.

If you've got a Windows 7 disk you might be able to repair it by using that.

Ryewolf90 04-05-2019 23:20

Re: Help....!
I found this link on how to Repair Windows using the startup repair tool, the most important part is Step 4 you need to click the Repair Computer and not the install now...

If you don't feel confident in doing this or don't have a Windows 7 Disk, Use It Computers in Rishton should be able to help.

Margaret Pilkington 05-05-2019 07:30

Re: Help....!
Thank you Ryewolf for your comprehensive post.

I do not have the Windows 7 disc....the computer came with it already loaded, but I checked to make sure it was genuine when the machine came(it was a refurbished machine) and I have had my money's worth out of it....5 years or a little more.

I had considered them...and that is probably what will happen.
I looked for the repair did not come up.
I also went into f12 for boot options. (This all makes me sound like I know what I am doing...but I just fly by the seat of my pants)

I figure that if is is well and truly fried, then I am not going to do anymore damage

I tried the f8, but maybe I did not do it for long enough.
I also sought out some fixes on You Tube.....I pride myself on being unflusterable(not sure if there is such a thing...or such a word) but I have to say that yesterday I was flustered.
The power going off was the first other half always calls me to sort out such things.

So to come back and find myself with a black screen was the final straw.

It is fate telling me that I should back up my stuff every week. I started out well, but got sloppy.
It is the design stuff that is the biggest loss....and I write personal verses for my cards....there were lots of them on there.
Not that I use the again, but sometimes I use them for inspiration. Ah well
Watch this space

accybeme 05-05-2019 08:21

Re: Help....!
sorry to hear your problem, if you can't get it sorted try park computers on darwen street
you said you've looked on you tube me too have you seen this one

Margaret Pilkington 05-05-2019 08:32

Re: Help....!
Thank you Accybeme.
I have not seen this one....I am just screwing up my courage to get to grips with having another shot at recovery.

I am a bit thin on hope right now....and I am getting used to the idea that severe problems require the services of someone who knows what they are doing.....and that is not ME.

If the machine is truly goosed then I will probably take it to Rushton and ask them to have a look at it....if it can be fixed then that will be good, but if not, recovery of files would be the next best option.
That will teach me(or maybe it won't)

Margaret Pilkington 05-05-2019 08:54

Re: Help....!
More on this sorry saga.
This morning I have gone into diagnostics and a short test shows a 'fail' on the hard drive with an error code of 2000-0146...
My machine is currently running the full pre boot assessment. Doing a memory test
I am guessing that this will take some time as it is only at five per cent completed and it has been running for a few minutes.

I am not sure if any of this means anything...but I think it is going to have to be professionally done.

RainbowSix 05-05-2019 09:30

Re: Help....!
Given the size of modern drives, diagnostics and repairs can take quite some time.

That error code suggests that it has found previous error logs, NOT that the drive has failed.

You may be able to add the hard drive to another machine as a 2nd drive and take the files you want off of it.

When you try to boot, do you get the BIOS text displayed? (the stuff about what the PC is) or is it just always black?

Does the computer beep? if so how many times?

Do you have a restore partition? this will usually contain the installation data to enable you to restore your installation, this should not affect any existing user files.

Why did the consumer box trip? That suggests that something is faulty.

Margaret Pilkington 05-05-2019 09:45

Re: Help....!
Ooh Rainbow six.....well, can I start with the easiest?
The box tripped because of a faulty fixed.

It was the 'short test diagnostics' that brought up fail on the hard drive.
Further research shows that what you are saying about error logs is true.

As for adding the hard drive to another machine to take off the files....I do not have a compatible that would be a job for the IT tech boys at Rishton

Yes I do get the stuff about the computer...the Dell logo and the model comes up....then the blurb about initialising....then it all goes to black and the cursor.

The computer only beeps when I go into f12 boot options.
And yes, the diagnostics is still running.
I do not have(to my knowledge) a restore partition.
I am not sure I would know what to do with it.

All I have is an external hard drive....on which I backed up this machine(well for a long time I did...but then lapsed)

It is looking like a trip to the tech guys is on the cards.
(Unless, of course, you know anything magical that would fix the thing)
Thank you for your helpful response

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