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Bob Dobson 24-07-2020 11:38

Expanded Names
I was recently chatting with a pal about my secret love - Doris Day. We came up with the suggestion that her name could be expanded to Doris Daylight. This lead us to thinking about others, so I invite you to come up with some more names which could be expanded . Such as Claire Bloomers...Mario Lanzarote...Brad Pittbull….David Bowieknife…

Over to you. I suggest that you restrict postings to no more than three names at a time.

cashman 24-07-2020 11:46

Re: Expanded Names
johnny deppthcharge.

gpick24 24-07-2020 13:32

Re: Expanded Names
Cash Maniac

Exile on Spencer St 24-07-2020 16:20

Re: Expanded Names
Muriel Sparkplug.
Melvyn Braggard.
John Majorette.
Theresa Mayfly.
Johnny Cashpoint.

dotti34 24-07-2020 23:07

Re: Expanded Names
..and of course a very obvious one:

Donald Trumpet

dotti34 24-07-2020 23:17

Re: Expanded Names
or maybe that should be Donald Trumpeter, for obvious reasons.

monkey hanger 25-07-2020 07:12

Re: Expanded Names
doris speedtrap, james masonic, diana indors.

DaveinGermany 25-07-2020 15:29

Re: Expanded Names
James Maybe
Cilla Blacklist

Bob Dobson 25-07-2020 20:25

Re: Expanded Names
Arthur Lowestoft...Benny Hillside...Dawn Frenchbread

monkey hanger 26-07-2020 07:38

Re: Expanded Names
jimmy savilerow. rolf bomberharris.

taddy 26-07-2020 11:14

Re: Expanded Names
Bob Dobsonflies, Eric Idleness.Charlie Wattsisname.

DaveinGermany 26-07-2020 14:34

Re: Expanded Names
Norman Wisdomtooth
Carry Granted
Dean Martinmere

pifco 26-07-2020 16:10

Re: Expanded Names
Richard Gerestick

Exile on Spencer St 26-07-2020 17:28

Re: Expanded Names
Groucho Marxman
George W. Bushfire
Ernie Wiseguy
Oswaldtwistle Moseley :eek:
Jack Strawberry
Hilary Bennt
Denis Lawyer
George Bestiality
Harry Pottsdam
Matt Busby-Berkeley
Jock Steinway (grand!)
Lionel Messipants

Exile on Spencer St 26-07-2020 19:11

Re: Expanded Names
Sorry, Bob, got carried away. I’ll stay away for the next four days.;)

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