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Old 25-02-2016, 13:07   #1
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Local Chemists messing up peoples prescription

i along with many others have found themselves having to mess around and be messed around because their signatures are been submitted years after they stopped using a chemist by the chemist they stopped using to get them back on to their books.

if you find that for some reason your regular chemist has been ignored and your prescription has been sent to another chemist it is more than likely the chemist has submitted your signature to the doctors without your consent

in my case i went to the chemist to get my medical supplies only to find a different chemist had my stuff which was shut.Luckily none of my meds are life threatening if i dont take them but it has taken 3 days to sort this mess out just because someone decided to submit my signature from almost 3 years ago to try and get me back on their system

your regular chemist wont get an alert to say your doctors has started sending your medication elsewhere so the first you hear about it is when you try and collect it.

im not posting this just because i am extremely annoyed my signature has been used without my consent and that it should not be on the old chemists files any more or that they have caused me a right load of hassle trying to sort their mess out but because im not the only person finding themselves in this position and some people may rely on medication to keep alive.

the doctors arnt at fault either they dont now you havnt requested a change of chemist they get your signature sent to them and assume its you that has given permission

a bit of a heads up post really with a touch of rant :-)
All comments above are everything to do with here and therefore the resposibility of the Accrington Web website owners admins and mods.

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Old 25-02-2016, 21:39   #2
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Re: Local Chemists messing up peoples prescription

Am curious. Is this the usual procedure over there that the doctor sends the prescription to the chemist? That sounds a strange way of doing it to me. We get the prescription from the doc and take it to the chemist ourselves. Can choose who we take it to. Luckily our doctor and the chemist are all in the same building, makes it very easy. (If a patient can't get out to get their medication one of the chemist staff will drop it off for them).
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Old 25-02-2016, 22:00   #3
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Re: Local Chemists messing up peoples prescription

Dotti, over here the chemists vie with one another to get your business.
The GP sends your script to the chemist of your choice(many GP's will use electronic transfers of scripts - emails)..then you can either pick up your script or they will deliver to your home.
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Old 26-02-2016, 01:02   #4
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Re: Local Chemists messing up peoples prescription

I always collect the prescriptions for the simple reason that more often than not they are incorrect. We order over the internet and I take a print of the request with me. Then I have to go back again a couple of days later to get the items that were missed off the original prescription request.
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