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Bob Dobson 11-06-2019 20:15

The Road to Peterloo
Last week I attended a community centre between Blackburn & Preston to see a 90-mins show called The Road to Peterloo. 4 folk-singers sang 20-odd songs interspersed with dialogue about the troubled decade leading to the infamous Peterloo Riot in Manchester in 1819 ( 200yrs in August). If anyone is thinking of putting on the show locally, see the website Road to Peterloo which is associated with the name of Brian Peters.

Bob Dobson 12-06-2019 08:40

Re: The Road to Peterloo
I've not see the recent film named Peterloo, but am told that it is very interesting historically. The name stems from the fact that the Battle of waterloo was still in my mnds of the population, and when a 'battle' took place in St Peter's Square, Manchester, it was compared to the one linked to Admiral Nelson, in mch the same way as in more recent times, the word 'gate' is used to compare it to Nixon's 'Watergate' scandal

Exile on Spencer St 08-08-2019 18:54

Re: The Road to Peterloo
I suspect it was alluding to Wellington rather than Nelson. But interesting that what seemed to be a modern media trend of attaching a catchy suffix, like ‘gate’, is nothing new after all.

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