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Royboy39 27-11-2008 20:47

Cant believe you've done that


Originally Posted by flashy (Post 655380)
lol i got a profile infraction for telling one of the mods to 'get stuffed' in a pm, i wouldnt put it past them lol

mind you i did once get banned for starting a thread called 'Len is a ... '

Yes you did and you just got yourself another.
Enjoy your week off
. :D

Originally Posted by Len (Post 655409)
Yes you did and you just got yourself another.
Enjoy your week off. :D

Cant believe you've done that....that is personal and nothing whatsoever with the other members who enjoy Flashy's contribution.

Len 27-11-2008 23:00

Re: Cant believe you've done that
Sorry, but it’s not open for discussion but what I will say is;

The accyweb admin/ moderating teams here are volunteer’s. We are here in the hope of keeping accyweb a decent and interesting place to visit. We have guide lines to follow (the accyweb rules) and if needed, we sort it. We aren’t perfect but we do our best, we even on occasions make mistakes but that’s life.

One thing we shouldn’t have to tolerate is someone whom thinks they can publicly attack/ be-little/ humiliate/ disrespect etc etc any of the accyweb’s team and we wont. The bans may also vary, depending on…


Mick 28-11-2008 07:40

Re: Cant believe you've done that
Can i just point out that although members might shout and swear at each other on site/in Pm's the mods/admin take far more abuse and its not on that's why we will react strongly the job we do is hard enough keeping the site suitable for family members and free from spam without Pm's swearing at us.
We have been picked by Roy to do this job and we give our time and energy free
and its not just on site we also work outside for the site and also get abuse outside.
which i have had from one ex member while in town
we do not need to be abused for it so if you do have a pop at the mods/admin you can expect us to react.
if you have a problem with that then PM me and i will answer any questions you have providing your not swearing at me:D

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