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Less 06-04-2016 20:16

I Just Called to say...
So there I was in one of my favourite pubs, I needed a relief break, so I went for one, in this establishment there is a large urinal and just one cubical in case you need a sit down job.
I chose the urinal. I soon found that the cubical was occupied, the sound of someone pressing the digits to make a mobile phone call hit my ears, he must have had it on speaker phone because, I could hear the the ring.
A young lady answered, "hi babe", said the cubical voice, "I'm in Accrington thought, I'd see if you are playing out", The echo voice on the other end said, "yeah great, what you doing?"
He replied with, "Well I'm just having a crap, but I can meet you in a few minutes".
She without hesitation said, "yeah great I'll be with you in about five minutes".

Who said romance is dead?

Michael1954 06-04-2016 21:00

Re: I Just Called to say...

Mick 07-04-2016 05:03

Re: I Just Called to say...
We get real class in that pub:D

Bob Dobson 07-04-2016 09:34

Re: I Just Called to say...
"Speak up, Mr Brown. You're through"

dotti34 07-04-2016 09:55

Re: I Just Called to say...
How charming. It brought tears to my eyes....

Margaret Pilkington 07-04-2016 10:34

Re: I Just Called to say...
I laughed so much that the tears were running down my legs.
What a charming gentleman he must have been.

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