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Less 14-10-2019 16:20

Vaginal Dryness
The women is absolutely correct!

It isn't something I expect to hear on the telly, in fact, I suspect that if I got close and personal sticking my ear right on top of the causeof the problem I doubt that I woud be able to hear it.

O.K. Im lead to beleive it's an irritating condition my sympathy goes out to those suffering, but, do we the non sufferers really need it shoved down our throughts?
I'm not saying suffer in silence just stop making the rest of us suffer along with you.
There are discreet ways to both femminin and masculin health without in your face adverts.

It's almost as bad as those adverts that show blue liquid representing what we know to happen every month to most healthy women.

It may need to be used leave the other 50% of the population in blissful ignorance, I for one am glad I've never gone through it.

Margaret Pilkington 14-10-2019 17:15

Re: Vaginal Dryness
Every time I see this advert(and the one for incontinece knicker in black) I cringe and wish we could go back to the days when such intimate things were not open for general discussion....I say bring back Taboo...and I don't mean the scent!

MoreJoe 15-10-2019 00:38

Re: Vaginal Dryness
Tumbleweeds are a sure sign and so are Dust Bunnies.

Margaret Pilkington 15-10-2019 06:48

Re: Vaginal Dryness
Cobwebs too, Morejoe.

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