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Anything Goes Anything goes.....well, you'll get away with more here than anywhere else on Accyweb! But remember, we are a child friendly forum!

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Old 25-04-2019, 17:09   #1
Grand Wizard Of The Inner Clique
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What Has Happened To Feminine?

When I was a lad, a lass was a lass, these days they swear more than the lads, they dress more butch than the lads, they go out of their way to be more masculine than any of the toughest servicemen any of our armed forces can provide.

I don't understand, why?

Although with the passing of the years I might not find as much need for female companionship, I still would like a woman to dress like a woman, I would still like to open a door and say, 'after you' and be thanked for my kindness, not allowed, (if you dare to be polite the best you can hope for is a scowl because you've insulted her independence).

Now, they drink more than us, fight more than us, and try their best to be less attractive than any of us, if I was a youth of today the way most seem to dress and act would be a better contraceptive than a condom.
“I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words bother me.”
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Accrington Web
Old 26-04-2019, 15:44   #2
Beacon of light

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Re: What Has Happened To Feminine?

Less, you are so right.
I went to Preston on the bus the other day.
There were a group of girls who swore like dockers all the way there....very offensive.
As they were getting off the bus I asked them if they kissed their grannies with those filthy least they had the decency to blush.

I am getting to hate travelling by public transport. You cannot avoid hearing conversations that you would rather not have to listen to....and they are so very loud!

I do not know what the world is coming to.
Maybe climate change is no bad thing if it annihilates these feral individuals.
(I am sorry...I seem to have mislaid my unconditional positive regard just now)
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A government is the most dangerous threat to man's rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims.”
― Ayn Rand

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Old 12-01-2020, 15:56   #3
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Re: What Has Happened To Feminine?

Think I discovered where 'feminine' went to when I was changing buses at Chorlton Street in Manchester. I had an hour to kill and went for a swift pint nearby - pub were full of very feminine dresses, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately depending what world you live in) they were all being wore by blokes.
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Old 18-01-2020, 09:25   #4
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Re: What Has Happened To Feminine?

Ah, Jimmy lad, such is the world today. You're a braver man than me I wouldn't of even stopped for a pint, I'd have been offski rapidski!
I don't know half of you as well as I should like, and I like half of you, half as well as you deserve. (Bilbo Baggins)
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