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Doug 16-06-2004 13:34

Chuch Kirk Early 1960s

A few old black & whites of Church

No 1. I am the one with the flower. Anyone remember to corner shop behind the Car. In 1966/67, they had a Yorkie. The little B****** bit me over the eye.

No 2 & 3 two views looking towards the Thorn and the Church. My dads driving the bus.

No 4, Sally army march around 1967/68 can anyone see themselves? Mick & Cazzer, I am the one with the specs.

No 6, Omo. (Single Decker) No 6 Church Kirk. Again my dads driving.

No 7, Rose Queen 1967/68. I am the one with the bloody hat. Give me nits that ******.


Doug 16-06-2004 13:37

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
Don't ask....I uploaded the Bloody photos, but I don't know where the buggers have gone.

Darby 16-06-2004 14:10

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
How did you get to become the Rose Queen Doug?? There must be a story behind that one!

Doug 16-06-2004 14:59

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s

I can't get the file size dowm below 1400. There not that good unfortunitley, but I will be happy to e-mail if possible.

Cazzer I have a couple of shots of me and the Holts sat outside 89 & 91.

Sorry Folks I will keep trying.

Darby, Good one....I said Hat, not Crown.



Mick 16-06-2004 15:28

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
4 Attachment(s)
ok doug here you are

Doug 16-06-2004 15:34

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
Thanks Mick,

Tealeaf 16-06-2004 15:40

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
Cheers Doug & Mick......lovely piccy's. It's just amazing how much Church Kirk has changed over the years...the old school went 10 years ago and it's been derelict land since...The Thorn, the Libary & the Guns are just about the only places that have'nt changed.

Atarah 16-06-2004 22:59

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
I just LOVE that last photo, of you and your sister? Its a gem! How people's "yards" have changed over the years!

Doug 16-06-2004 23:22

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
Hi Atarah,

There is more, I will send some on to you. I have one that shows the gate and I think I have one of the drop box. (loo) to those of younger years. Ours was a true one. Along pipe that seamed to drop forever, over that was a well-worn (shiny Smooth) wood bench. We put a Thunder Box in sometime around 1964/65, before that you just tipped a bucket of water down.

My mum made me a step out of Red Cement mix and broken Nori’s set into an old washing up bowl so I could reach the bench on my own. I remember that the thing was hinged to aid cleaning…more than once I nearly got my head suck in it.

By the way, it was about 1966 before we had a proper bog…We didn’t have an indoor loo or bath until we moved up fern gore to miller Fold.

God we lived like that and loved it.

nooone 17-06-2004 02:39

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
uhhhhhhhhh.......... yea

Darby 17-06-2004 05:13

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
Nice Piccys Doug. I use to go to Chuch Kirk School (St. James) in the early 50's. Spent many a happy hour round there.

Great stuff.

WillowTheWhisp 17-06-2004 14:52

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
Is that single decker bus coming down Dill Hall Lane?

mez 17-06-2004 15:04

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
ee doug my ex husband used to drive the old buses in the sixties, they used to come from church kirk to henry st, cross over to george st (passed our house) then down the tanpits rd, onto countess st & into accy, i know there was a hue & cry when they went onto O,MO, BUSES wot a laugh i can have now. memories.

simon 17-06-2004 15:14

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
Fantastic pics , I really like the people in the shots you can see how life was so different to now by the look on there faces :)

Can I ask one Question? the picture of the older couple which is my favorite..
Is that the biggest spider in the world on the lady's leg or what(???) ;)

Tealeaf 17-06-2004 15:20

Re: Chuch Kirk Early 1960s
Mez, The bus stop used to be by the side of Church Kirk used to leave at 12 minutes past the hour....I really can't remember that bus stop opposite the Thorn.

Can anyone else remember bus timetables and routes...the 46 to Blackburn(Stopping) used to run on the hour from Accy then every 12 minutes...the No 9 (Express) was every 10 minutes at peak times, but used to cost an extra penny (to Church) anyway.....and then there was always that Blackburn Corporation bus that used to park up by Church Clock and used to leave at 5 past 8.

Can anyone remember the Ribble buses that used to go through Church at quarter past and quarter to the hour (started at Ossy and went to Harwood and Clitheroe)..........

Buses & Bus Timetables is a good subject. Much better than boring footy.

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