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lindsay ormerod 29-07-2009 21:49

Suede effect paint?
Anyone ever used any? Seem to recall someone telling me it was a nightmare to put on , am a little tempted to have a bash at one wall with it as a kind of feature but don't really wanna do it all again if it looks a dog's breakfast.:confused:

spex357 30-07-2009 09:06

Re: Suede effect paint?
If your new to it i would suggest trying it out first on a small wall, metacafe and Youtube may help, consistancy comes with experience and the dogs breakfast effect is perhaps the easiest to achieve.

lindsay ormerod 05-08-2009 18:20

Re: Suede effect paint?
Thanks, after taking advice from my bro ( don't even go there, it's a total nightmare.....etc) I have done a feature wall in a really nice purple or as Dulux call it "mulberry burst".:)

harwood red 05-08-2009 22:23

Re: Suede effect paint?
sounds like my feature wall in my bedroom Lindsay except mine was called redcurrant glory which is more of a deep red :)

MUMMIBOO 06-08-2009 10:00

Re: Suede effect paint?
i wanted to use the suade effect paint in my bedroom (feature wall) the outcome was it looked like i had just had the wall skimmed in sand and cement! it has sand in the paint for effect, i wouldnt use it again.

lancscat 06-08-2009 13:59

Re: Suede effect paint?
dont buy any ,i had it in my lounge wot a nightmare,never again:eek:

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