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whistler 30-10-2018 08:33

Alarm system
Does anyone know of a reliable person who can repair a wired alarm system ? I've just had a new bell box fitted on the outside wall and now it seems like there is no power to the internal pir's.

RainbowSix 31-10-2018 05:42

Re: Alarm system
can whoever fitted the new bell box not do it?
was this issue as a direct result of them doing the replacement?

whistler 01-11-2018 11:05

Re: Alarm system
Yeah this was a consequence of him fitting the replacement bell box but I'm struggling getting him to come back.

RainbowSix 01-11-2018 17:16

Re: Alarm system
ah, maybe its best someone that knows what they are doing does it then :)

whistler 05-11-2018 11:24

Re: Alarm system
This is why I'm asking the original question !!

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