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Roy 22-09-2003 18:35

Photo Number 8
Owd Berts Photo Quiz Number 8

The building in the background with small chimney belonged to the Co-Op but all are long gone. Where are we ?

Rocky 22-09-2003 20:31

Re: Photo Number 8
Well Bert you have got me there   :-/

Mik Dickinson 23-09-2003 07:53

Re: Photo Number 8
Wo these are getting really hard.Lost me here

janet 23-09-2003 08:23

Re: Photo Number 8
looks to me like bottom of church, just off b,burn road.

littlemo 23-09-2003 13:06

Re: Photo Number 8
I vaguley remember seeing a place like this, it was like a little court tucked in behind blackburn road, but let's face it this could be anywhere!!!

Mik Dickinson 25-09-2003 18:00

Re: Photo Number 8
I do believe it is in the region of the Queens Pub down town.Or better said was

WINGY 26-09-2003 20:02

Re: Photo Number 8
think it could be around church comercial

Caz 27-09-2003 09:01

Re: Photo Number 8
Possibly the Oxford St area?  ???

Caz 27-09-2003 22:59

Re: Photo Number 8
Or maybe top of Oak St?  ???

Roy 28-09-2003 18:09

Re: Photo Number 8

Photo was taken from point X which was at the corner of Plantation St and Park St.

The arrowed row which contained the St Leger Pub had already been demolished as had one side of Law St.

The Co-Op Joiners was on the corner of Birtwistle St & Law St and amongst other things made coffins for their own Funeral Dept. A friend of mine who was an upholsterer with C.D. Pierce tells me that as a lad he wheeled coffins from the Co-Op to Pierce`s on a handcart for the fitting of the linings. Pierce`s at that time was in Gillies St -- the building under the word "TEXT " on photo.
Thought this may be of interest as it shows the cleared site.
The occasion was the Church Parade for the then new Mayor,( the late Bill Parkinson.)


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