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Forum Admin 25-08-2003 16:45

Photo Number 4
Owd Berts Photo Quiz Part 4

This was taken a few years ago and what on earth can be asked other than -- What & Where ?

Caz 25-08-2003 17:28

Re: Photo Number 4
Are they ventilation shafts up the Clough in Woodnook?

Rocky 25-08-2003 20:01

Re: Photo Number 4
Its one of the old bridge supports on the disused Accrington to Manchester railway line, which crosses Platts Lodge at the bottom of Ormrod St.
"They are still there"

Droo 26-08-2003 15:28

Re: Photo Number 4
That is definitely Platts lodge at the bottom of ormerod street!

Royboy 27-08-2003 14:30

Re: Photo Number 4
Sure there's some up the Clough as well.

Droo 29-08-2003 14:00

Re: Photo Number 4
The more I look at this pic...the more I think it is up priestly clough  :-/

Caz 29-08-2003 14:18

Re: Photo Number 4
Actually went down to Platts lodge the other night! (look what you're doing to my social life Owd Bert!!)

Obviously now realise they are bridge supports. Knew there had been a track over there at one time, but had never been down before, didn't realise they were still standing or that the lodge hadn't been drained.

Couldn't see one that was surrounded by so much greenery though, and this is a few years on.

Roy 31-08-2003 20:08

Re: Photo Number 4

Check the background out, it's the globe centre...

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