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grannyclaret 07-10-2008 13:40

you tube
Does anyone know why cant i see the you tube thingys any more,,all i get now are big black silent squares,,,,:enough:

i miss them :dummy2:

grannyclaret 11-10-2008 12:33

Re: you tube
come on guys, you all have brains......
I can open you tube videos from the you tube website with no problems at all
but when I am on Accy Web, I can't seem to see any you tube pictures (e.g videos on the you tube video jukebox thread)
All i can see is a black box with you tube written on it
If I press the play button underneath the screen, nothing happens

Len 11-10-2008 13:49

Re: you tube
From what I’ve found, is that you may need to uninstall/ remove your Adobe flash player and re-install it. It worked for me.

Use the link below and click on the “Windows” uninstall_flash_player.
I presume your using firefox. Save the file and then run it. Once you have selected “save file” 'you’ll see the file being loaded via a small box' and when the file has loaded/ completed then double click on it and follow the simple instructions

How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control

After the uninstall then reinstall the flkash player. Link below


grannyclaret 11-10-2008 16:48

Re: you tube
Oh Len you are a star ....THANKYOU SO MUCH...:thankya::thankya::thankya::thankya::thanky a::thankya::thankya::thankya::thankya::thankya:

entwisi 11-10-2008 16:48

Re: you tube
Posted via Mobile Device

I would agree. It can also be the link from the browser to the relevant plugin that is broken. Usually an reinstall fixes it or you can check the plugin settings dependant on what browser you are using.

grannyclaret 11-10-2008 16:51

Re: you tube
At First I Thought It Haddent Worked So I Restarted The Computer And ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,voila,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:):)

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