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chrismuller 10-08-2009 13:50

pc to tv
Is it posable to plug my pc into my Philips HDTV thank you for any help i tryed to google it but

***Mr D*** 10-08-2009 16:39

Re: pc to tv
Yes its possible there are many ways.

This is a good forum for that kind of information. Home

Redash 10-08-2009 16:40

Re: pc to tv
Most flat screen tellys have a vga 15 pin socket, so you can plug straight into that, some Have a DVI connector, and if your PC has one you can use that.
Newish PCs may have an HDMI connector then use that.

Let us know if you have onboard graphics, AGP graphics Card or a PCI express graphics card. There are more options if you have a newer PCI Express card.

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