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flashy 26-06-2014 10:24

Laptop screens gone mad
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turned my little laptop on the other day and my screen has gone funny, i think it might be the pixels but it may be something else, can anyone please give me some advice


pic might be a bit naff cos i cant actually see it properly

gpick24 26-06-2014 10:47

Re: Laptop screens gone mad
Is it always like that or does it flicker. You could try a driver update, but my guess would be a loose connection or dry joint somewhere.

Edit: Do you have an external monitor or TV you can plug it into to see if the same happens on that?

flashy 26-06-2014 11:11

Re: Laptop screens gone mad
it is always like this, dont have another monitor

gpick24 26-06-2014 11:23

Laptop screens gone mad
Is it like that right from when you press the power button, or just once windows has loaded.

flashy 26-06-2014 11:27

Re: Laptop screens gone mad
from turning it on, it hasnt been dropped or anything, i can still use everything on it, its just the screen thats annoying

gpick24 26-06-2014 11:37

Laptop screens gone mad
Not a driver or windows problem then. The wifes laptop has a similar issue, but tilting the screen at certain angles puts it right. I would suggest getting it looked at.

flashy 26-06-2014 11:41

Re: Laptop screens gone mad
thats why i was asking on here first...for advice

Studio25 26-06-2014 22:43

Re: Laptop screens gone mad
Set your power options to sleep when you close the laptop lid.

Use the laptop 'til it looks mad, then close the lid. Wait 30mins then open the lid and carry on using the laptop.

All that procedure is intended to see if something is overheating - either the screen, CPU or the graphics card.

If it's still mad as soon as you open the lid, it's not an overheating problem. If there's a delay before it starts behaving that way again, it's an overheat.

Restless 26-06-2014 23:22

Re: Laptop screens gone mad
So you see this on the screen whilst windows is loading of after its loaded? Last time I seen this kind of discolouration was installing the wrong video driver

flashy 27-06-2014 02:53

Re: Laptop screens gone mad
as soon as i turn it on Rob, you can see the colour distortion straight away

Restless 27-06-2014 07:26

Re: Laptop screens gone mad
ouch! Either a damaged screen or the connector between has a wire loose. Seen similar things on those flip mobile phones, where the ribbon inbetween eventually gave up the ghost.... does the screen change at all when you move the lid?

How about VGA. Does your TV have a vga port? (and does your laptop have a vga output or maybe another output) perhaps you could use the laptop on the TV

accybeme 27-06-2014 08:08

Re: Laptop screens gone mad
could be the lcd cable has been damaged it run through the hinge and can get pinched during opening and closing the laptop

flashy 27-06-2014 09:38

Re: Laptop screens gone mad
at work all day, will look when i get home, thanx guys

accyman 09-07-2014 15:28

Re: Laptop screens gone mad
just noticed teh date oops

long winded reply deleted

flashy 09-07-2014 19:13

Re: Laptop screens gone mad
its still knackered J

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