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vorlon24 30-11-2004 17:33

Easter Eggs
What is the best Easter Egg you have found?

I will start off.

In Vice City there is an actual egg, and this is how you get to it:

Go to the VCN building's helipad. The VCN Maverick helicopter is parked there.

The VCN building is on the West Island, downtown area. It is on the north side of North Bridge (the bridge that leads to Prawn Island). At ground level, the building has a large logo reading "EIGHT TEN VCN" and an open door slightly to the east. This door leads to the roof, where you can climb up the ramp to the helipad. You can also reach the helipad by taking any other helicopter and landing there.

On the helipad, go to the north west corner of the pad and face west. You can see an apartment block with lots of windows. Take a running jump at the nearest set of windows. You will unnaturally go through the windows.

Keep walking forward. Eventually, the camera will come into the room with you and you will see you are in a plain room with barren walls, a blue floor and a white plinth in the centre. On the plinth is a large chocolate egg with the words "Happy Easter" written on in icing.

Fearon1 01-12-2004 18:25

Re: Easter Eggs
il have a look for it

vorlon24 01-12-2004 20:31

Re: Easter Eggs
There's also one in San Andreas.

It's on a bridge.

There is a sign on there saying 'there are no Easter Eggs here. Go away'

It's probably worth getting up there just to see it.

I saw a screenshot a few days ago

Fearon1 01-12-2004 21:49

Re: Easter Eggs
kk il look on SA insted of Vice

vorlon24 01-12-2004 22:05

Re: Easter Eggs
I would have thought it would be worthwhile looking for both, no?

Fearon1 02-12-2004 10:24

Re: Easter Eggs
ok il look at both

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