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Gaming Forum Talk about the latest PS2, xbox or whatever systems and our own classics!!

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Old 03-05-2005, 19:09   #1
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New to console gaming

HI all, I've never owned a console before but the release of TT superbikes has prompted the aquisition of a PS2.

So what games are worth playing(I'm mainly into racing/FPS/etc rather than sim city C&C type stuff)?

Any hints and tips as to the cheapest place to get games(Ebay???)

Any other info that I should be aware of?


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Accrington Web
Old 03-05-2005, 19:59   #2
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Re: New to console gaming

Most places do pre-owned games, that people have traded in. This can work out cheaper than buying brand new. Just make sure you check the discs before buying to make sure they are not scratched.

Racing games that I would highly recommend - Any Toca and Gran Turismo titles.
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Old 04-05-2005, 08:03   #3
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Re: New to console gaming

I would recommend Grand Theft Auto (GTAIII/Vice City/San Andreas), but they are all improved for the PC (San An included).

They have elements of racing (there are more than a few missions where you have to get from A to B fast, and there are a few other racing missions (Turismo in GTAIII being one I can think of). Oh, and there is plenty of shooting going on - the rampages are where most of this happens.

You can get GTAIII for 10 at, Vice City I think is probably around 20, and I have San Andreas on pre-order for 25.
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