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KiTChener 23-03-2018 22:00

Netherlands vs England
Well, another two hours of my life I won't get back, watching that rubbish!
Would have had more joy watching East Enders on a loop!! Followed by Corrie!!

cashman 24-03-2018 08:44

Re: Netherlands vs England
To be honest thought the back 4 played well.Delli Ali was Pants when he came on. seen much better up Stanley.

KiTChener 24-03-2018 09:40

Re: Netherlands vs England

Originally Posted by cashman (Post 1210735)
seen much better up Stanley.

True, Cashy, was in newsagents this morning, guy next to me said it was like watching two third division teams, I told him to get down to Stanley, then he would realise what proper football is all about!

Barrie Yates 24-03-2018 17:06

Re: Netherlands vs England
Can't understand Southgate's thinking. Presumably this was the fine tuning for the WC, so why play so many out of their normal club positions? So many passes were backwards when Sterling and Rashford needed the ball pushed through for them to run on to as they do for City & United - neither of them play as the target man. Walker was totally wasted, I consider him to be probably the best attacking right back in the PL - it just goes on and on, he should be putting a team out that is close to being his finished article, there are only 3 more games before it is for real - perhaps "finished" is the best description for for Southgate.

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