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Aussie Gobbiner 10-03-2004 07:03

Re: Photo Cropshop.
My avatar is a reduction of an original digital photo i took which is around 2048 x 1536 pixels.. Using PSP 7 I first cutout the background then resized down to the legal limit for the accy web, sharpened the image then reduced the colours to 256 and then saved as a gif file with transparent background... use only up to 7 characters in the filename so you won't get no goofs up..

Len 11-03-2004 17:40

Re: Photo Cropshop.
Hi Aussie Gobbiner

I like the suggestion you made .I shall try that myself.

Stanley4Life 21-07-2004 08:27

Re: Photo Cropshop.

resize for a avatar plz

Len 21-07-2004 11:48

Re: Photo Cropshop.
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Accyweb avatar size is 100*100pixels.

Your sig is 400*100pixels.

The first sample I have done is 100*50pixels, which I think, looks the best I had to alter its proportions so it looked similar to the original.

The second sample is 100*100. Which as shrunk the width and kept the height.

The third sample is 100*25pixels I maintained the original proportions and reduced the width.


Stanley4Life 21-07-2004 19:25

Re: Photo Cropshop.
no sorry len the pic hasn't come up

Len 21-07-2004 20:57

Re: Photo Cropshop.
No worries, I never noticed that. lol

Which cat was you thinking of?

Stanley4Life 22-07-2004 15:48

Re: Photo Cropshop.
the humans are 2 funny 1

Len 22-07-2004 16:50

Re: Photo Cropshop.
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