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Len 04-01-2004 19:33

Photo Cropshop.
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If you have a photo and you would like to use part of it.
For maybe showing friends on Accy web or as an avatar, then upload your photo to this thread tell us what you want and it will be done.

For more instructions on how to retrieve the url of an image or how to save an image then click here

If you prefer we can insert your avatar or profile picture for you.
You provide the photo we will do the rest.

There is a limit to the size of images being put on the web.
The photo below is a demo. The end one is avatar size 100 by 100 pixels

tintin 06-01-2004 21:24

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len can do anything with this please,says its too big.the jpg is below thanx :D

Len 06-01-2004 22:07

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Originally Posted by tintin
len can do anything with this please,says its too big.the jpg is below thanx :D

Hi Tintin.

I have made the image smaller. I know when we spoke earlier you said it was to large for the avatar. I must admit I thought it was a lot bigger than that. lol
It was 65 by 65, now it's 55 by 55 and I also lightened it up abit and renamed it ugg.
No worries if you dont use it.

If you struggle a bit post me back.

tintin 06-01-2004 22:21

thanx len ill try it now ill let u know how it gos

tintin 06-01-2004 22:23

:thumbsdow didnt work too big,OH WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsdow

Len 07-01-2004 18:40

Hi Tintin.

I have the URL address for your pic.
Because I up loaded it, I went to my CP looked at my Attachment list and was able to view it and retrieve the URL.
So it will work for you now.I think. Let me know.
Just highlight the all URL, right click, Copy, and then go to your avatar upload.
Delete the HTTP:// that is in the box because you will end up with two of them and it won’t work.
Then past into the box.

Len 07-01-2004 20:58

Thank god
Tintin try this one,

The URL above will not work also; the image is too big, my mistake. Oh why…..
The image size is 55 by 55 pix and it should be 50 by 50 pix. Oh dear….

This one does work, me tried it.
I've made a right shambles of these post's, they need cleaning up. lol
The first post instructions are ok,

Len 07-01-2004 22:08

2 Attachment(s)
Its here!

I forgot to put it in. oh why........
I ran out of time while messing about. lol

Right click on the image thumbnail and select properties.
A box should appear with some info in it.
· Highlight the url address then right click and Copy
· Go to your CP and to the Enter Avatar URL:
· Delete the http//www that is in the box then Paste and finally save changes
· Job done.

view the url location click here

Len 11-01-2004 19:21

Hi tintin.

Sorry for all the confusion.
I had a few teething problems but I think I’ve got the hang of it now.
I have taken the liberty of inserting your image into you avatar for you.
Please feel free to change it at anytime. If you need anymore help with you avatar or
Profile Pictures or indeed any other then post here again. Hopefully things will go a bit more smoothly. lol

littlemo 20-01-2004 02:54

yes but how do you get your photo on here in the 1st place?

Len 20-01-2004 21:15

upload a photo
HI littlemo.

Now, that is a question! ....... jeepers. :confused: But I shall try.

If you have a photo, save it in your "my documents" it will be easier for you to find later.
To upload a photo from you're "my document" to Accy web.

· Go to the thread you wish to insert it in too. In this case photo cropshop.

· Reply to the posts by clicking the "Go Advanced" button.

· A new text box will appear. Under the text box is an "Additional option" box. Inside that on the left hand side you will see a "Manage Attachment" button. click on it.

· 5 Browse buttons will appear in another box. Click on one of the Browse buttons

· Yet another box appears titled "choose file". Inside that box there will be another small long box with "Look in:" printed on the left hand side and a small black arrow on the right hand side.

· Click on the small black arrow, a drop down list will appear. Then click "my Documents". Everything that is in your "my documents" will then be displayed.

· Look for your photo amongst that lot, it should be there if you have saved it in your "my documents"

· Once you have found your photo click on it, to highlight it.

· Then, at the bottom of the text box click "open".

· The photos name you have selected will now appear in the original Browse box.

· Click upload. Wait a few seconds for it to upload then close window.

· All you need to do now is enter some text then "submit Reply"

· Job done…lol

I do hope this helps, it's easy when you know how just hard to explain when typing with one finger. lol :)

Good luck.

littlemo 21-01-2004 01:54

yes len thank you I was ale to follow your directions but can't decrease the size of the photo. when I go into properties, theres nothing there I can change

littlemo 21-01-2004 01:55

can I e-mail you the pic and you can downsize it?

Len 21-01-2004 06:57

Ok littlemo

E-mail it here, to me at Accy-web

Mick 28-01-2004 14:01

you can put your pic into a paint package like paintshop pro 7
and resize it in there then save it as a jpeg file.
what ever you do DO NOT put "&" in the file name becouse when you upload it to the site the software will not reconise the "&" and you will have a blank pic

Aussie Gobbiner 10-03-2004 07:03

Re: Photo Cropshop.
My avatar is a reduction of an original digital photo i took which is around 2048 x 1536 pixels.. Using PSP 7 I first cutout the background then resized down to the legal limit for the accy web, sharpened the image then reduced the colours to 256 and then saved as a gif file with transparent background... use only up to 7 characters in the filename so you won't get no goofs up..

Len 11-03-2004 17:40

Re: Photo Cropshop.
Hi Aussie Gobbiner

I like the suggestion you made .I shall try that myself.

Stanley4Life 21-07-2004 08:27

Re: Photo Cropshop.

resize for a avatar plz

Len 21-07-2004 11:48

Re: Photo Cropshop.
3 Attachment(s)
Accyweb avatar size is 100*100pixels.

Your sig is 400*100pixels.

The first sample I have done is 100*50pixels, which I think, looks the best I had to alter its proportions so it looked similar to the original.

The second sample is 100*100. Which as shrunk the width and kept the height.

The third sample is 100*25pixels I maintained the original proportions and reduced the width.


Stanley4Life 21-07-2004 19:25

Re: Photo Cropshop.
no sorry len the pic hasn't come up

Len 21-07-2004 20:57

Re: Photo Cropshop.
No worries, I never noticed that. lol

Which cat was you thinking of?

Stanley4Life 22-07-2004 15:48

Re: Photo Cropshop.
the humans are 2 funny 1

Len 22-07-2004 16:50

Re: Photo Cropshop.
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