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forceten 17-02-2008 15:46

memory card problem

I've recently won a samsung digimax 300 camera on ebay. It's identical to one I had stolen a few months ago and I've been trying to get one ever since.

Now I've got the camera, and it's good condition.

It switches on ok, but when I come to put a memory card in it immediately wants to format it. I click on yes, but then after about 30 secs it comes up with an error message "check ms/sd card".

I've tried another two cards, and even been out yesterday and bought a brand new sd card and the same thing happens each time.

I've emailed the seller and told him, and he says it was working for him, but that if I send it back he will refund me.

But before I do that, has anybody any idea at all as to what the problem is? I really want the camera


Margaret Pilkington 17-02-2008 16:55

Re: memory card problem
the sensor may be damaged.
I had that problem with my camera after it was dropped...unfortunately it meant that the camera was unrepairable.

Speedy 17-02-2008 17:04

Re: memory card problem
Get in contact with the manufacturers customer service people. They should be able to tell if it can be fixed, and what it will take. Then you can decide if you want to return it or not.

Margaret Pilkington 17-02-2008 17:25

Re: memory card problem
I took my camera to an independent Camera shop in Harrogate...the chap there told me that companies nearly always charge to look at cameras and frequently when they are giving this message it means that the sensor is damaged and repair is uneconomical.
I claimed for mine on my house insurance(I have accidental damage cover) and when the camera went back to the assessors they confirmed what the chap in Harrogate had said.

nikkival 17-02-2008 17:25

Re: memory card problem
I used to have one of those cameras - it was quite twitchy - sometimes it would only store one photo at a time or it would overwrite whatever else was on the card.

If you have the USB cable try attaching the camera to your computer and format the card from the computer, this used to sort out glitches for me, so it might be worth a try.

Margaret Pilkington 17-02-2008 17:26

Re: memory card problem
My insurance company arranged for a replacement camera.....better than the original, and it took just one week from start to finish of the claim.

entwisi 17-02-2008 21:00

Re: memory card problem
as mentioned, try formatting it in your PC first. Also ensure the little write protect switches are set to make it unwriiteable

forceten 19-02-2008 20:06

Re: memory card problem
Thanks for all your advice. I've tried plugging it into the computer but that doesn't work either.

So I've sent the camera back to the seller today, and he said he will refund me in full, which I hope includes the 8 postage he charged me even though it only cost him 3 to send it second class. I've sent it back to him first class recorded delivery so hope that that's ok. I've never had to send anything back before.

But that said, he seems decent enough so we shall see what he refunds me.

Thanks again

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