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AccyStanFan 26-07-2004 16:29

new sig/ava set
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my new set :D

AccyStanFan 26-07-2004 16:30

Re: new sig/ava set
b*gger avar too big in file size

Len 26-07-2004 16:46

Re: new sig/ava set
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Try this one for size it's 5664 (5.664kb) bytes.
Your first one is 23945(23.945kb) bytes.
Although we are allowed to use 49.1kb.(49100), I dont know wht but it should have gone in, I think.

AccyStanFan 26-07-2004 16:58

Re: new sig/ava set
cheers len seemed ta work, seesm where allowed 20kb

Len 26-07-2004 17:04

Re: new sig/ava set
Glad I could help.
Is that 20kb size official? If so thanks I wasn’t aware of that.

AccyStanFan 26-07-2004 17:12

Re: new sig/ava set
that was the error message.

AccyStanFan 27-07-2004 14:26

Re: new sig/ava set
well banners gotta go, some poeple have "complained".

AccyStanFan 27-07-2004 14:54

Re: new sig/ava set
reckon sum1 will complain about this :D all accyweb smillies and avatars you can choose.

Len 27-07-2004 18:19

Re: new sig/ava set

I think you want to stop that for a start it wont help.

I can appreciate why. I haven’t seen the complaints but I can imagine what its about.
Also what I try and do (starting from now! lol) is instead of adding my sig to every post.
Maybe we should only add it every, 5 post, your own posts that is, in any particular thread. That way we won’t be shoving the same banner in everyone’s face post after post after post, which I can imagine is annoying.

When you start a new thread maybe put the banner in that first post also.
I’ll tell you what; I shall start a thread asking for everyone’s opinion about using sig banners and how best to use them and see what comes up.

If any one else apart for ASF has a comment about this topic please do not post in here I will start a new thread.

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