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Gremlin 30-07-2011 19:13

Super mega pixel camera.
The photo on the web site posted below was taken by a photographer of the crowd at a football match.

It is incredible how you can zoom in to see each individual face and even the small logo on some baseball caps.

I wonder just how much better the Military or Police's camera are.

The title says Stanley Game but I bet many an Accrington Stanley fan wish they could have a fraction of the supporters there. - 2011 Stanley Cup Game 7 Canucks Fan Zone


DaveinGermany 30-07-2011 19:18

Re: Super mega pixel camera.
Think it's actually Ice hockey fans Gremlin, I'm sure Eric mentioned something about it a wee while back. :)

Gremlin 30-07-2011 19:48

Re: Super mega pixel camera.
If you follow the link Dave there is another similar photo of the Manchester City V Stoke Cup Final this year, I must have got my wires crossed.

DaveinGermany 30-07-2011 19:58

Re: Super mega pixel camera.
Whichever one you look at the results are pretty impressive, I daren't think what the cost of such a piece of kit is likely to be, probably somewhere around the same as a small car. :)

Restless 15-04-2012 16:15

Re: Super mega pixel camera.
Wow great pic/camera

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