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shillelagh 30-08-2009 22:01

Dame Vera Lynne ..
.. has entered the album charts at No 20 and is now officially the oldest living person to have an album in the top 20 .. seeing as she's 92 its going to be a hard job for anyone to beat that.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Dame Vera Lynn re-enters charts

Less 30-08-2009 22:35

Re: Dame Vera Lynne ..
Is it a new release, or a re-release?

If it's the former then well done to her, if it's the latter at least it will give her a bit of extra cash to keep her central heating going come the winter.

vera 31-08-2009 12:05

Re: Dame Vera Lynne ..
That is absolutly wonderful to hear, i love her music.

SuperAccyStan 07-09-2009 14:46

Re: Dame Vera Lynne ..
weeeeeee'll meet agaaaain. don't know where, don't know wheeeeeeeeeeen

nortype 07-09-2009 15:24

Re: Dame Vera Lynne ..
now at number 2 this morning's daily star...

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