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loweiy 15-04-2004 15:12

fans training tonight
back to normal service after Telford last thursday

9:00 till 10:00 at the sports centre

all welcome

Tealeaf 15-04-2004 15:37

Re: fans training tonight
Be careful what you thread in...there's probably alot left after monday.

loweiy 15-04-2004 15:41

Re: fans training tonight
what? am I missing something

Tealeaf 15-04-2004 15:47

Re: fans training tonight
Have a look under "General Chat"...Hyndburn DD Centre

loweiy 15-04-2004 16:01

Re: fans training tonight
now I see cheers mate and as for those sh@t machines I hope the constant strees of being driven around the country in the back of cars makes their owners very happy!!!

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