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Bazf 17-05-2004 22:12

We might not play Carlisle!!
:rose8: Does this mean another place in the Conference if so who takes it?

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DARLINGTON are on the brink of being wound up by creditors and kicked out of the Football League - a move that will delight the supporters of Carlisle United who are expected to replace them.
The Third Division club, who are in administration, are expected to be put out of business at an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday unless they can effectively write off millions of pounds of debts.
Attempts by administrators to find a new buyer have proved fruitless and angry creditors, notably former owner George Reynolds, are set to put the club out of business.
The scale of the club's debt is so frightening that even the administrators are fearing the worst.
Publicly, the Football League are attempting to offer Darlington as much support as they possibly can, but privately even they fear the club are now on the brink of going bust.
Administrators have struggled to find a new buyer for the club and Reynolds is reluctant to write off personal debts he claims are approaching 19.2million.
At present the scale of those debts are fast approaching 27m.
The Football League said last night: "The Football League are aware of the situation and will continue to help the club and the administrators to preserve the future of the club."
But they appear to be a club sinking fast and, ironically, Carlisle United, who were finally relegated after miraculously escaping the drop the previous two seasons, will replace them.
In the event that Darlington are wound up before the League annual general meeting on June 12, Carlisle will be playing League football next season.

MikeA 19-05-2004 20:51

Re: We might not play Carlisle!!
I wouldn't believe everything I read in the Mirror but just imagine... Darlo and Telford fold and Margate are kicked out... so the Conference relent and allow Barrow to be promoted to make up the numbers! Horrible, isn't it?

That apart, after what happened to Accy in the 60s, please let Darington and Telford survive to contest next season.

Briscoblue 20-05-2004 12:31

Re: We might not play Carlisle!!
I wouldn't worry too much lads and lasses we do NOT want Darlo to go bust. We wouldn't wish it on any football club at all.

We are now set on playing conference football and we will hopefully only be there for one season.

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