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slater_scott 24-07-2004 09:31

help stanley to div3

and click qualifiers and help stanley get into the league.

Christies Child 24-07-2004 19:03

Re: help stanley to div3

slater_scott 24-07-2004 19:10

Re: help stanley to div3
why not, its a bit of fun.

SuperAccyStan 27-07-2004 21:28

Re: help stanley to div3
Im bored of that game now

Jimbo T Hornblower 27-07-2004 23:25

Re: help stanley to div3
Im sadly addicted and have been since Bob Downe came on asking us to do the same ages ago :o :blush8: - it kept me sane through the football lacking summer months :)

Jimbo T :horn8:blower

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