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KIPAX 26-07-2004 21:13

Crewe game
We held our own against a strong Crewe team... Enjoyed that :) Heres a pic of Lutel to keep ya going ..

Fearon1 26-07-2004 21:56

Re: Crewe game
well played stanley...... i thought craney played awsome

Ant04@stanley 26-07-2004 22:28

Re: Crewe game
craney was class!!!!!!! i thought that ghana player was good i cant remember his name!!! think we should giv him another go on saturday!!!

ukcowboy 27-07-2004 15:26

Re: Crewe game
I have to be honest,last nights game was the most entertaining 1-1 draw I have ever seen!...........In my humble opinion if we play the same way this season,we should be a force to be reckoned with. The whole team were buzzing last night,well done the 'Stanley'...........more please!

Whalley Red 27-07-2004 17:02

Re: Crewe game
Agreed, another impressive performance.

It certainly makes a difference to the players having Coley & Cooky shouting at them from on top of the gantry ... "Tight! Tight! Tight!" "Go on, Lee, go on!" "That's it, get stuck in!"


baldy 27-07-2004 18:01

Re: Crewe game
i was stodd near the changing rooms and i could still hear cookie

but yeah cant wait till the 14th

LongLostSon 27-07-2004 21:40

Re: Crewe game
hey, Whalley Red, whadya mean "from the gantry" ? - pitchside management aren't serving a ban already are they ?

Whalley Red 27-07-2004 21:51

Re: Crewe game
ok, tower for TV camera ;)

Jimbo T Hornblower 27-07-2004 23:30

Re: Crewe game
That pic is so funny :) but its not as daft an idea as it may seem. Just think what overall view they can get of the game from up there - suddenly its not as silly as it looks... A good vantage point taken advantage of me thinks :) :thumbsup:

Jimbo T :horn8: blower

KIPAX 28-07-2004 00:03

Re: Crewe game
Whalley red.. isnt that my picture from ? If your going to hotlink to my pics then please have the good manners to say where its from... Ta :)

Jimbo T Hornblower 28-07-2004 09:02

Re: Crewe game
Uh oh youve upset him now WR... Come on Kipps, be honest, who else's (bad english I know) pic would it be? :) Crackin pic of Lutel up top o'thread n all btw :thumbsup:..

Jimbo T :horn8: blower

Willie Miller 28-07-2004 10:24

Re: Crewe game

Originally Posted by KIPAX
Whalley red.. isnt that my picture from ? If your going to hotlink to my pics then please have the good manners to say where its from... Ta :)

hark at you?

Whalley Red 28-07-2004 10:48

Re: Crewe game

Exactly Jimbo. This is a forum that has a direct link to Kipax's site at the top of the page. Now if I had posted the picture on a non-Accrington Stanley forum ...

But please excuse me Kipax, I remember my manners in future ;)

KIPAX 28-07-2004 15:30

Re: Crewe game
oh for crying out loud I PUT A SMILE IN THERE

Cheers for the support MATES.

Willie Miller 28-07-2004 16:59

Re: Crewe game
Hee hee, chill fella, I knew you put a smile in there but wanted to have a laff & get a reaction. :p

You know I love you Mr Worden:D

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