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mab 13-04-2018 22:45

Exeter City Match Thread
:) There will be a minute's applause for our former director John Demaine before tomorrow's match. John was an integral part of our rise from non-league football into the Football League.
Without people like John, we wouldn't be where we are today. Head to Head Stanley 7 wins 1 draw and 11 defeats Accrington Stanley/Exeter City head to head ? Results Website The match officials for this game will be:-
Referee: Oliver Langford
Assistant Referees: Robert Merchant and Mark Dwyer
Fourth Official: Anthony Backhouse Stanley expected to be unchanged while Exeter are waiting fitness tests on a couple of injured players before naming there team :)

cashman 14-04-2018 08:46

Re: Exeter City Match Thread
For me this will probably be our toughest game of the season, Exeter need 3pts even more than we do, But i have faith in the lads to create "History" today K.T.F.

VALAIRIAN 14-04-2018 09:40

Re: Exeter City Match Thread
Really hope we can create - and keep - an atmosphere today :theband::theband::wave8::wave8::wave8:

Stevenage game felt very tense and nervy.......

:) :) :)

Greeny 14-04-2018 09:41

Re: Exeter City Match Thread
Well, todays the day we have been waiting for ,lets hope all goes to plan . All that remains for me to say is COME ON YOU REDS , BE LOUD AND PROUD. What ever happens , we proud of you.

Chewbacca 14-04-2018 09:46

Re: Exeter City Match Thread
Surprised this has not sold out being a massive game, although there has been virtually no promotion of the fact until yesterday.

Someone is badly needed to deal with the promotional and commercial side of things at the club.

choirboy 14-04-2018 09:48

Re: Exeter City Match Thread
Could this be the biggest match in the history of Accrington Stanley FC?:idunno:

It certainly is MASSIVE!:alright:

Stanley will need to be at their best in all departments on the pitch against an in form Exeter team also aiming for a top three spot.

The STANLEY SUPPORT IS CRUCIAL TO THE PERFORMANCE TODAY and once again we can all play our part........:theband::s_gupjump:wave8::rose8::jimbo:

In the stands and on the terraces we need to be THE BEST THAT WE HAVE EVER BEEN.......
LOUDER THAN EVER.......:theband::jimbo:
MORE COLOURFUL THAN EVER.........:wave8::jimbo:




Greeny 14-04-2018 09:59

Re: Exeter City Match Thread
Choirboy , you should be in the changing rooms giving a pre match voice to the team.

monkey hanger 14-04-2018 10:30

Re: Exeter City Match Thread

Stevenage game felt very tense and nervy......

think its different today as its not the last game of the season with everything on it. being stevenage i imagine a lot were more than worried about the result. if it does not happen today its going too either tuesday or next saturday. lets be noisy and relaxed today.

cashman 14-04-2018 10:42

Re: Exeter City Match Thread
My mate posted on another site the irony of todays match, twas the match that never was in March 62.

choirboy 14-04-2018 10:44

Re: Exeter City Match Thread

Originally Posted by Greeny (Post 1211829)
Choirboy , you should be in the changing rooms giving a pre match voice to the team.

I wish I was still young enough to be in there PLAYING for the team!:thefinger
But hey! We can still play our part from the sidelines giving the boys all the support we can offer!:theband:
I reckon that our old mate REDRAINE will be urging the team on from up above........ He would be just loving this!

cashman 14-04-2018 10:47

Re: Exeter City Match Thread
Redraine and Geoff me owd mate from the peel park days, still miss em both,

football19 14-04-2018 12:42

Re: Exeter City Match Thread
In Mexico and just woke up nervous!!
Think if we control Stockley and limit the crosses,then I think we will nick it.
Good team Exeter,just hope they donít turn up today!!
Wish my old sparring partner,Redraine,was there,Acci lad thro and thro,we may have had differences on football,it never got personal.
KTF boys!!!!

Kiwi John 14-04-2018 14:23

Re: Exeter City Match Thread

Kiwi John 14-04-2018 14:40

Re: Exeter City Match Thread

Kiwi John 14-04-2018 15:39

Re: Exeter City Match Thread

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