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Lord Didsbury 22-09-2018 12:09

Any bets on the starters today?

Barlaser....would like him to start but probably Brown will keep his place.
Zanzala.... would also like to see him start, but might need to wait til we are 1-0 down. Billy alone again, naturally.
Sykes.... I think he will start today due to the centre half rotation policy. Ie, itís his turn.

No surprises elsewhere.

Kiwi John 22-09-2018 14:09

Re: Wombles
YESSSSS . 'Super Billy Kee...' 1-0

Lord Didsbury 22-09-2018 14:50

Re: Wombles
Liquid football!

(Wimbledon look very poor though.)

Kiwi John 22-09-2018 14:58

Re: Wombles
Liquid footy-Is that viewing the game through the bottom of a glass??

Kiwi John 22-09-2018 15:22

Re: Wombles
Now we got Super Sean...2-0. I love this game.

Kiwi John 22-09-2018 15:25

Re: Wombles
*%#*%#*%#*#*%#*%#*% . How dare they... 2-1

Kiwi John 22-09-2018 15:56

Re: Wombles
Well done you wonderful men in red. Good night.

Lord Didsbury 22-09-2018 15:57

Re: Wombles
Clark MOTM???? Quietest game he’s ever had for us.
Did they mean Anderton?

chevyfire 22-09-2018 16:07

Re: Wombles
That got nervy! First half better team by far, we played some lovely football with the new loan Newcastle midfielder pulling the strings, Wimbledon improved massively after the break. Anderton was very good today solid defensively and good going forward. I like Johnson going forward but we do concede goals down his side. I would like to see hall start instead of zanzala looks more of threat to me. Billy's quality of finishing showed with his goal. I feel 3 points are going to be harder to grind out this year but hopefully we can grind enough wins like today out.

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chevyfire 22-09-2018 16:08

Re: Wombles
I though Clark was a good threat first half but like a lot of the midfield faded in second half.

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Lord Didsbury 22-09-2018 16:22

Re: Wombles
Kee/Hall looks a good combo...Zanzala didn’t impress.

A neutral who came with me today thought Hughes or Kee was MOTM.

Can’t work out what our best midfield is.

cashman 22-09-2018 16:29

Re: Wombles
Agree Kee @ Hall look the better pair to me also, the main difference today as far as i'm concerned is the simple FACT we played with 2 strikers. aint rocket science why its taken this long i will never fathom. was a well deserved 3 pts no question at all but as Chevy said it got nervy towards the end, Hughes to me is the man to thank for the extra 2 pts.

Lord Stiffupperlip 22-09-2018 17:13

Re: Wombles
Hurrah!!! A home win at last.
Billy's early goal instilled confidence in the team & we outplayed the Wombles with some superb one-touch football in the first half.
When super Sean made it 2-0 on 60 minutes an easy win looked on the cards.
Respect to Wimbledon for not rolling-over & when they scored a well taken goal 4 minutes later, the last 30 minutes became a nail-biting affair.
Despite our 2 goals, our keeper & defence won us the game today, with some vital saves & goal-line clearances.
This game followed a script we've all become used to - early domination followed by periods of panic when opponents apply pressure.
Being a Stanley fan is not recommended for those of a nervous disposition.

monkey hanger 22-09-2018 17:43

Re: Wombles

Originally Posted by Kiwi John (Post 1217592)
Liquid footy-Is that viewing the game through the bottom of a glass??

half full glass when we win.

monkey hanger 22-09-2018 17:46

Re: Wombles
[QUOTE=Lord Didsbury;1217599]Kee/Hall looks a good combo...Zanzala didnít impress.

hall did far more in his time on the pitch than zanzala did all the time he was on it. hope he proves me wrong but i just do not rate the lad.

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