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DAV007 27-04-2019 07:21

Plymouth (H) match thread
Any team news?
Plymouth likely to go for it ?

cashman 27-04-2019 07:45

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread
Suspect Plymouth will come and park the bus Dav? wont do us any harm if thats the case.

accytom18 27-04-2019 07:50

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread
Massive game for them, but judging from their fan base they’ve been on the slide for a while now. So wouldn’t be surprised if they go into it trying to get on the front foot ASAP. As long as Stanley put in a shift like tuesday, we’ll get the 3 points for sure.

choirboy 27-04-2019 09:41

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread
I think it is a MASSIVE game for us too.
We do still need a point or two to be mathematically safe.
Also it would be great to see the team sign off at home with a good performance after a tough season at this higher level.
I used to consider that finishing third bottom or higher in League Two was as good as winning a trophy for Stanley but it is even more true in League One.
I for one will be an extremely proud Accringtonian if we mange to stay up!
Today we need 100% POSITIVITY from the players but also from every Stanley fan in the stadium.


Tom D 27-04-2019 09:49

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread
Any weather update from Accrington? It's terrible in Cheshire currently

Twenty Eight 27-04-2019 09:54

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread
Yep ....... keep us travellers informed if any problems. Leaving at 12.30 .........

choirboy 27-04-2019 10:02

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread
Not raining at the moment but getting a bit breezy...... 11.00am.:rolleyes:
I watched the BBC Forecast over breakfast this morning very carefully and we seem to be placed in 'The Eye' of the 'Storm' or 'Low Pressure System', at the moment. Most of the high winds and heavier rain showers look like passing southwards in a narrow corridor down the Irish Sea, through North Wales and Cheshire into the West Midlands over the next few hours.:cool:
I think our part of Lancashire is right on the edge of this corridor and I am hoping that we get lucky and miss the worst of it!

cashman 27-04-2019 10:44

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread
Raining now up ossy, but only very light at the moment

choirboy 27-04-2019 11:16

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread
Just had a rain shower for 10 minutes but stopped now at 12.10pm.
Sky is grey but brightening a little and it is still quite breezy!
BBC website shows 75 to 80% chance of rain mid afternoon....
I am hopeful that we will be OK!

Div3North 27-04-2019 12:23

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread
13.22 High temperatures, blue skies and constant sunshine

Mind you, that's in Morocco :alright:

Kiwi John 27-04-2019 14:05

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread
I heard a bloke named Somerset knows a bit about rain etc....

Kiwi John 27-04-2019 14:21

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread

Kiwi John 27-04-2019 14:37

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread
Eaaasssssyyyyyy . 2-0

Kiwi John 27-04-2019 14:43

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread
3-0...may as well go back to bed...done and dusted...

Chimer 27-04-2019 15:01

Re: Plymouth (H) match thread

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