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andyd 26-09-2020 08:51

Oxford game.
Looks like injuries totting up again Sangare and Uwakwe both out tomorrow think Coley will stick with 3 at the back my line up:-
Sykes. Hughes. Burgess.
Scully. Conneelly. Butcher. McGuire.

Charles. Bishop.

Subs:-. Isherwood. Rodgers. Sama. Barclay. Fenton. Allen. Cassidy.

ferret man 26-09-2020 09:52

Re: Oxford game.
are we playing Sunday Andy

andyd 26-09-2020 10:25

Re: Oxford game.

Originally Posted by ferret man (Post 1245046)
are we playing Sunday Andy

Every day seems the same in these strange times.

andyd 26-09-2020 13:55

Re: Oxford game.
Strange dropping the captain to the bench?

AccyMad 26-09-2020 13:57

Re: Oxford game.
Just heard Jeff Stelling on SSN say that Oxford have had to get here by cars & taxis because their coach wouldn't start, the reason for this made me laugh - apparently the vehicle had been cleaned & one of the products used contained alcohol, as a lot of cleaning products do - the issue is that their coach has some gadget in it's system which can detect alcohol to prevent drink-driving, it has detected the alcohol in the cleaning spray used & therefore shut down & will not restart for 6 hours - you couldn't make it up

Kiwi John 26-09-2020 14:02

Re: Oxford game.
My dickhead step son has one of those devices in his car coz of a second drink driving charge..he cleaned the car with some cleaning product and got the same result. Couldnt use it for hours and panicked coz it showed up on the computer at the Justice dept that he was trying to drive under the influence. Luckily, he sorted it out with them and he wasnt the first.

cashman 26-09-2020 14:18

Re: Oxford game.
The ref strikes me as pretty useless today nowt changes.

Tom D 26-09-2020 14:43

Re: Oxford game.
Not a great performance so far, lucky we aren't losing. Some poor ball control, and we are often a couple of yards of the pace.

Kiwi John 26-09-2020 14:46

Re: Oxford game.
#%#%#*%#&#%*##%!!!! :(

andyd 26-09-2020 14:51

Re: Oxford game.
Awful from all over the park lucky we aren't more than one down said earlier strange leaving Conneelly out have certainly missed his calming influence, Allen at left wing back mystifies me hasn't put a tackle in there threat down the right all game McGuire? on the bench.

yonmon 26-09-2020 14:53

Re: Oxford game.

Hapless Stanley ?.. much work needed I feel !.

AccyMad 26-09-2020 15:05

Re: Oxford game.
Certainly need to shape themselves better in second half, two subs made Coneely & Bishop coming on for Sama & Tom Allen

cashman 26-09-2020 15:12

Re: Oxford game.
the subs have certainly improved things

Kiwi John 26-09-2020 15:31

Re: Oxford game.
Yes !!!!! 1-1

cashman 26-09-2020 15:32

Re: Oxford game.

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