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VALAIRIAN 20-08-2021 12:16

Re: 2021/22 Prediction League; Game 3 v Doncaster Rovers (home)

Originally Posted by chimer (Post 1256606)
it's easy when we're winning ...

as long as you remember to enter, of course. Game 1 i forget to enter :o; game 3 i forget to enter and (nearly) forget to drivel :o:o, but here it is eventually.

Confidence seems high :rolleyes:, strangely so as most of you seem to think jc's subs strategy is rubbish ;). 21 out of 25 expected the win, with just 3 on the fence :confused: And only stanleyjosh blowing his winning start completely by jumping over it :d.

Of the 21, this week's maxi heroes :):):):):) were div3north, mike a and tom d, with 8 of you taking 4 :):):):) points and 10 settling for the bare 3 :):):).

Top of the heap rests with the 3 who've got 3 out of 3 right, having bet against us at wycombe. Nige b and taypot are sharing the lead on 12, having picked up 3 bonuses each, with shurm a point adrift. Mike a leads the empire loyalists, recovering from week 1 optimism, with 10 points. And nobody's pointless :).

No new players this week :(, and longlostson, revived red and stanleyhouse missing in action along with me. So it looks like it's going to be a season with around 30 of us playing along. There'll be a full table published after the crewe game tomorrow (that is the game's tomorrow, the table will follow when i remember i've got to do it :rolleyes:).

So it's roll on to the choo-choo and steam off to see the alex. Another team who've not had a great start to the season :eek:, and it would be nice to keep it that way, wouldn't it?

on stanley on!!

Yes!! :D

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