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MikeA 03-04-2022 10:19

Re: 2021/22 Prediction League; Game 40 v Cheltenham Town (home)

Originally Posted by VALAIRIAN (Post 1265599)
Have we ever had a 'double Desmond' before??????


I can remember a 5-5 against Colwyn Bay a few years back.

VALAIRIAN 03-04-2022 10:20

Re: 2021/22 Prediction League; Game 40 v Cheltenham Town (home)
Two and a half Desmond - WOW.

Hope you are keeping well Mike :)


Chimer 03-04-2022 10:33

Re: 2021/22 Prediction League; Game 40 v Cheltenham Town (home)
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Eight Goals But Not Much Movement


Originally Posted by LongLostSon (Post 1265556)
Stanley 4 Cheltenham 2

As the clock ticked on to 90 minutes, this looked set fair to be the unlikeliest maxi ;) in the history of the Prediction League - but we all know what happened next :eek:

What happened next :eek: resulted in 4 drawmongers collecting 3 unlikely points :):):) each, and LongLost hanging on to one :) of his. For the rest of us, nowt :mad: (squared).

Those profiting from what happened next :eek: didn't include any of the obvious challengers at the top of our table :rolleyes:. Best placed scorer was Taypot, moving from 9th to 8th overtaking Tommy McQueen, then Ange B, static in 10th, Lord Stiffupperlip climbing from 13th to 11th over the backs of Kiwi John and LongLost, the latter's point notwithstanding, and finally Outback Ozzy, 20th to 18th via AndyD and Ossy Kid. No other points, so no other moves.

After what happened next :eek:, I sit in 22nd place in the table and have the distinction of being the lowest placed competitor who could still win the thing, 27 points behind our leader Shurm with 30 points available from the last 6 games. And in the real world, Morecambe and Wimbledon need 16 and 18 points respectively from their last 6 games, to catch us on points and overtake us on goal difference, which they will if they do, if you see what I mean. And Gillingham need 15 from 5 to get ahead of us. So why do I keep looking over my shoulder, I wonder :confused:

So after what happened next :eek:, off we roll to Wigan on Tuesday, 4-1 behind on aggregate :rolleyes: after the first game. Would seem illogical, Captain, to expect much from this one :cool:, but who the hell knows anything these days? Perhaps Coley will play himself ..... ;)

On Stanley On!!

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