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WillowTheWhisp 10-07-2005 22:20

Cog Wheel Update
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The Cog Wheel now has a new sign. It's an improvement on the old one which looked like somebody had run ot off on their PC printer.

The only problem is that it's on the ground where most people won't even see it.

Doug 10-07-2005 22:55

Re: Cog Wheel Update
That would have looked better set into a plinth of unpolished granite would it not? The cost would be around £130, or less. A decent off cut from a memorial yard would possibly have been donated if someone had taken the time to find out. This isnít just let the memories of our past heritage down. It letís down the whole district. It makes us look cheap and indifferent in the eyes of those who have no infinity with the town.

Doug 10-07-2005 22:56

Re: Cog Wheel Update
Those setts could do with a tap an'all.

WillowTheWhisp 11-07-2005 08:09

Re: Cog Wheel Update
That whole area is a shambles Doug. Across the way from it there's a graffiti covered skateboard "park".

It would have been nice to have some sort of historical information along with the name plaque wouldn't it? Mind you, I doubt anyone at Hyndborg BC has a clue of the historical significance anyway.

cashman 11-07-2005 09:07

Re: Cog Wheel Update
it just gets worse,

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