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Mick 27-07-2008 21:11

Photo Competition 47
Comp : 47

Congratulations to ANNE on winning competition 46.

Each competition will run for 2 weeks, 12 days for uploading photo's and a further 2 days which can be used for voting only.
During the 12 days uploading time you will be able to vote and there will be an option to cancel your vote if you feel a better picture has been submitted.
After the 12 day upload period, voting only will be allowed for 2 days then voting will be stopped.
Anyone can vote, you don't have to enter the competition to be entitled to a vote but it is 1 vote per person
The winner will get to choose a theme for the next competition.
( You won't need to do anything else, the moderators will create the folder to be uploaded too)
UPLOADING ends at 10pm on the Friday night, you have 48 hours to VOTE (until 10pm Sunday UK time)
The winner then has 12 hours to PM Mick with the next THEME (PLEASE PM DO NOT POST THE NEW THEME ON SITE I COULD MISS IT PM ONLY PLEASE)
if I have not been contacted within this time Mick will pick the theme.
In the event of a tie the person who chose the theme will decide on the winner
4 entries are allowed per person.
Anymore than this will be removed, your 1st 4 uploads will stay - later ones will be removed.
All images must be your own work,Or close family.
Scanned,(from your own photos) digital, phone, video stills are all allowed, (please dont use images off the web or from mags or from postcards as we dont want Accyweb getting into trouble for hosting copyright images).
You will retain copyright of all your images.
Photo's altered with image editing software will be allowed


Closing date for this competition is 22:00pm on the Friday the 08 th AUG and voting will be allowed up to 22:00pm on Sunday the 10 th AUG 2008
Here is a link to the Competition

derekgas 28-07-2008 06:54

Re: Photo Competition 47
Well done Anne.

wadey 28-07-2008 09:27

Re: Photo Competition 47
Yes congratulations.

LYNX1 28-07-2008 13:51

Re: Photo Competition 47
nice one ANNE :D

katex 28-07-2008 14:59

Re: Photo Competition 47
Well done Anne.

Mmmm CATS . haven't got one of those ... will have to wait 'til that cat up the road passes through me garden.

In the meantime, put one up I took of my friends in Spain last year.. well, it's the entering 'innit ...:D

buttonsmum 28-07-2008 19:34

Re: Photo Competition 47
Well done Anne. I might have a go at this one.

katex 28-07-2008 19:47

Re: Photo Competition 47
Tried to get a piccie of three cats this afternoon as I walked up to the shop ... hummph, they ran away from me with fear in their eyes ... sob ... must consider I'm a dog or summat ... LOL.

Margaret Pilkington 28-07-2008 20:13

Re: Photo Competition 47
The one you have submitted is lovely Kate......he reminds me very much of one of my(now deceased) persian cats...who was called Fat Hoon.......don't ask! :)

ANNE 28-07-2008 23:57

Re: Photo Competition 47
I was totally gob smacked when his Lordship said I'd won it. Thanks everyone.

Mick 03-08-2008 18:58

Re: Photo Competition 47
Come on members lets have some more photo's of your cats .
More prizes have been donated have a look at what you could win:D

Prizes - Accrington Gallery

buttonsmum 03-08-2008 19:23

Re: Photo Competition 47
I'll try and take some pictures of button this week.

BERNADETTE 03-08-2008 20:25

Re: Photo Competition 47
Nice prizes there, shame I don't have a cat or a clue how to load pictures:o

buttonsmum 03-08-2008 20:30

Re: Photo Competition 47
I'm sure someone on accyweb would be able to help you load them.

BERNADETTE 03-08-2008 20:35

Re: Photo Competition 47

Originally Posted by buttonsmum (Post 614412)
I'm sure someone on accyweb would be able to help you load them.

Mick very kindly loaded some once but I really should learn how to do these things myself:o

buttonsmum 03-08-2008 20:44

Re: Photo Competition 47
I haven't got a clue how to do it either, so Ian does it for me.

I should really learn myself.. I'm going to have a go at changing my avatar later this week using the instructions that Less posted in another thread. If it works I may then ask Ian to show me how to load pictures into the gallery.

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