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Len 23-05-2004 20:09

Malham.(North Yorkshire)
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Well, I've had a weekend in Malham (Skipton, North Yorkshire).
I took my tent, stuck it on a campsite, did a bit of walking and had my meals at the Beck Hall café. Not to mention did my boozing in the hikers bar.
If any one is interested I have attached some photos.
Anyone else been to Malham?

See photos here May2004


WINGY 23-05-2004 20:17

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
Nice one Len!! hope ya had a good one. i like the self portrait hehehehe

Len 23-05-2004 20:21

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
Ya,I do. I took it myself. lol :)

Roy 23-05-2004 20:31

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
Great photo's len, you don't know how much they are appreciated here! :)

janet 24-05-2004 10:20

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
Good pic's len. I'm sure that the first pic has the same rock climbers from when i was there a couple of years ago.

Sparkologist 24-05-2004 19:15

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
Good photos Len. The first one is Gordale Scar, if memory serves me well. I've climbed on there, a few years ago, in my yoof.
What is the Theakstons pub called in the centre of Malham, is it The Wheatsheaf? There is usually a spaceship parked up out back full of nasty little space-aliens waiting to abduct drinkers of Old Peculiar.

Len 24-05-2004 22:11

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
The first photo is of Gordale Scar; I too climbed it on Saturday on my 4hr walk.
Other pics are of and around the dry valley.
The photos with all the greenery where taken at Janet's Foss. Not to mention Malham Cove.
The two Pubs in Malham are called,
The Listers Arms and the Buck Inn / Hikers bar.

mez 25-05-2004 08:44

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
hi, len brings back a few memorys this does, i love the drystone walls, its a heck of a long time sinse i was up there, thanks for sharing these with us :alright:

Len 20-06-2005 18:04

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
Iíve been to Malham again, this time with nette. The weather was fantastic. Check out our pics Youíll get to see me with my shirt off. ;)

harwood red 20-06-2005 18:27

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
thanks for those Len, brought back many childhood memories!

staggeringman 20-06-2005 18:47

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)

Originally Posted by Roy
Great photo's len, you don't know how much they are appreciated here! :)

yoo roy its brill round there in a 4x4 up and down them hills, TOP !

nette 20-06-2005 18:58

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
hi all we had a great time but he forgot to say that we are a bit stiff if u know wot i mean,anyway i hope len isnt trying to sell his body to anyone(i got my shirt off) i wonder wot would happen if i had my shirt off eh? bye all

staggeringman 21-06-2005 01:52

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
i saw how stiff len was and you wanted to dance

cashman 21-06-2005 16:10

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
great photos len aint been since kids were young,brought back some happy memories.

tommybrook 21-06-2005 17:50

Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)
It looks like Janets Fosse to me.....or am i wrong?

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