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Mick 28-06-2009 20:55

Photo competition 73
Comp : 73

Congratulations to K.S.H on winning competition 72.

Each competition will run for 2 weeks, 12 days for uploading photo's and a further 2 days which can be used for voting only.

During the 12 days uploading time you will be able to vote and there will be an option to cancel your vote if you feel a better picture has been submitted.

After the 12 day upload period, voting only will be allowed for 2 days then voting will be stopped.

Anyone can vote, you don't have to enter the competition to be entitled to a vote but it is 1 vote per person.

The winner will get to choose a theme for the next competition.
And to choose a prize from the list in the Gallery .

( You won't need to do anything else, the moderators will create the folder to be uploaded too)

UPLOADING ends at 10pm on the Friday night, you have 48 hours to VOTE (until 10pm Sunday UK time)

The winner then has 12 hours to PM Mick with the next THEME (PLEASE PM DO NOT POST THE NEW THEME ON SITE I COULD MISS IT PM ONLY PLEASE)

if I have not been contacted within this time Mick will pick the theme.

In the event of a tie the person who chose the theme will decide on the winner.

6 entries are allowed per person.
Anymore than this will be removed, your 1st 6 uploads will stay - later ones will be removed.

All images must be your own work, Or close family.

Scanned,(from your own photos) digital, phone, video stills are all allowed,
(please don’t use images off the Internet or from magazines or from postcards as we don’t want Accyweb getting into trouble for hosting copyright images).
You will retain copyright of all your images.
No photo's to be removed from the photo competition by any member except mods or admin

Photo's altered with image editing software will be allowed.


Nice simple one for you all :D

Closing date for this competition is 22:00pm on the Friday the 10th July 2009
and voting will be allowed up to 22:00pm on Sunday the th 12th July 2009
I am leaving the voting closed for 1 week and will allow it next Sunday just to try something out
It would help me if all members that have entered the competition are on line at the closing of the competition,
so i can set the next competition up quickly thank you .
I know its not all ways possible but if you can it would help

K.S.H 29-06-2009 10:34

Re: Photo competition 73
I've got a few for this one but it will be weekend before i get them uploaded, don't like editing photo's on this netbook, prefer to do it on my desktop PC

Margaret Pilkington 29-06-2009 10:37

Re: Photo competition 73
I haven't got much...but will have a look at what is on my discs......are crocs and kookaburra's allowed??
I know you are not likely to see one in the wild here.

flashy 29-06-2009 10:42

Re: Photo competition 73
i've put two in...after falling off my bike on the canal.....FFFFFFF

Margaret Pilkington 29-06-2009 11:31

Re: Photo competition 73
sorry to hear that you have had a cooling dip in the canal :D.
I have put six in.......didn't think I had much to fit the category.

flashy 29-06-2009 12:48

Re: Photo competition 73
i didnt fall INTO the canal, just off mi bike on't path lol

Margaret Pilkington 29-06-2009 12:51

Re: Photo competition 73
Oh, well that isn't so bad then......hope you only dented your pride.....that heals quite quickly especially if no-one was around to see.

shillelagh 29-06-2009 12:59

Re: Photo competition 73
well ive just took 2 pics half an hour ago and they've gone in ... shows that spuggie has a job on his hands when hes down next!!!!:D:D:D

K.S.H 04-07-2009 16:20

Re: Photo competition 73
Just put 4 in there, all taken this week up Scotland.

You haven't opened the voting Mick

AccyLass 04-07-2009 17:45

Re: Photo competition 73
Some great pics in there already
The one of the bird in flight is really good!

Margaret Pilkington 04-07-2009 17:48

Re: Photo competition 73
I wondered why it wouldn't let me vote.

Mick 05-07-2009 05:38

Re: Photo competition 73
just goes to show your NOT reading the rules on the first post:D

I am leaving the voting closed for 1 week and will allow it next Sunday just to try something out

Margaret Pilkington 05-07-2009 07:49

Re: Photo competition 73
Got to admit I only read down to the category, believing that the rules would be the same as for all other competitions.
Sorry Mick........:)

Mick 05-07-2009 08:13

Re: Photo competition 73
I new it would catch some out:D
Voting now open

Margaret Pilkington 05-07-2009 08:44

Re: Photo competition 73
and you were right :D
I have voted.

AccyLass 05-07-2009 08:45

Re: Photo competition 73
I have voted too

BERNADETTE 05-07-2009 11:08

Re: Photo competition 73
I will wait till comp closes before making my vote

Mick 10-07-2009 04:59

Re: Photo competition 73
Uploads will be closed at about 10pm tonight

Mick 10-07-2009 21:02

Re: Photo competition 73
Ok uploads for this competition are now closed, so its now time to vote you have till 10pm Sunday.
Competition 73- Accrington Gallery

cmonstanley 10-07-2009 21:50

Re: Photo competition 73
1 Attachment(s)
can i stick a late one on.if not ill stick it on here..this was on the ferry today.

Margaret Pilkington 10-07-2009 21:58

Re: Photo competition 73
lovely picture.

AccyLass 10-07-2009 21:58

Re: Photo competition 73
Great pic :)

BERNADETTE 10-07-2009 23:14

Re: Photo competition 73
Voted a hard decision there are some great pics there. Good luck everyone:)

Mick 12-07-2009 21:05

Re: Photo competition 73
2 Attachment(s)
Voting has now ended and for once we have a draw
with Polly45 And K.S.H
And As KSH Won The last Competition i am going to ask the winner of the 72 competition to pick the winner that is Margaret Pilkington,:D

K.S.H 12-07-2009 21:07

Re: Photo competition 73
Give it to Polly_45, I won the last one

Mick 12-07-2009 21:17

Re: Photo competition 73
1 Attachment(s)
Right well as you can see by K.S.H post he has given the winning photo toPOLLY 45

flashy 12-07-2009 21:46

Re: Photo competition 73
congratulations Polly

BERNADETTE 12-07-2009 22:41

Re: Photo competition 73
Well done Polly love that pic:)

AccyLass 13-07-2009 18:12

Re: Photo competition 73
Congrats Polly!

buttonsmum 13-07-2009 19:43

Re: Photo competition 73
Well done Polly, lovely picture

pipinfort 14-07-2009 14:50

Re: Photo competition 73
well done

shillelagh 18-07-2009 00:39

Re: Photo competition 73
1 Attachment(s)
ive got a late entrant by lynx for the wildlife competition ....

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