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KIPAX 18-09-2004 07:51

John Lennon airport
John Lennon Airport, Liverpool.. Taken at around 7.30 am this morning (just over an hour ago) Dropped the wife off who is having a weekend away... Was a bit dissapointed that you cant see them boarding planes or owt so no pics of any of that :(

janet 18-09-2004 09:07

Re: John Lennon airport
Nice pics Kipax.

Sara 23-09-2004 20:39

Re: John Lennon airport
With all the security at airports suprised you didn't get arrested taking the photo's. Nice pics though, certainly changed since i was last there about two years ago.

KIPAX 23-09-2004 20:42

Re: John Lennon airport
It was my first visit... I saw NO security at all.. not even a couple of days later in the evening when i went to pick her up again. I ahve to say I wondered if I would be allowed to take a camera in

JohnW 24-09-2004 10:42

Re: John Lennon airport
It's amazing that there is little security there. It is only about 6 months ago that some guy from Southport pulled up and started to unload his baggage whilst his wife went inside to get a trolly. Two young men (I use the term loosely) came and jumped in his car intending to steal it. He, foolishly I suppose ran around the front of the car and they ran over him, and just drove off. His wife came out and found him dead in front of the building. You would think that might prompt some extra security. Ah well, this is Liverpool we are talking about.

KIPAX 24-09-2004 10:57

Re: John Lennon airport
There where a couple of guys outside at the car park entrance... at both visits... on the road... But nothing at the entrances to the buildings or inside.. well none that i could see... Of course they could have been undercover if thats not being too dramatic?

angiebaby 24-09-2004 11:42

Re: John Lennon airport
great pics of jl airport Angie

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