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Old 04-02-2024, 18:15   #1
Full Member

Legitimate Interest?

When that most annoying cookie popup appears it always has the "legitimate Interest" options ticked with the "Consent" above them unticked.

Does this mean that the legitimate interest ones actually get to see the data they are after or does it actually remove consent from them?

Do we have to select each one to disable it?

As far as I am concerned they can shove their legitimate interests where the sun does not shine.
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Accrington Web
Old 04-02-2024, 21:55   #2
Full Member
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Re: Legitimate Interest?

Its usually worth a quick scroll to the bottom of the 'Manage Cookies' window where you will often find a 'Reject All' button.

The sites that really annoy me are the sites that will not let you enter unless you agree to all their cookies, recently either I have changed my interests and/or habits or such sites are getting more common.
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Old 07-02-2024, 06:27   #3
Full Member

Re: Legitimate Interest?

I reject all sites that do not allow me to reject their cookies.
As for the "reject all" button, no not all sites have that - including this one.

My concern is - are the "legitimate interest" companies still active if I untick the consent option above or are they requiring that the legitimate interest be unticked too?
sites that have legitimate interest on usually have lots of them and that's a lot of unticking.

As I said - this site is one of them.
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Old 07-02-2024, 15:53   #4
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Re: Legitimate Interest?

Just cleared all trackers with McAfee and then logged straight back on Accyweb.
Accessed McAfee again and 206 trackers had been added.
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