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Old 17-08-2023, 17:45   #1

Acoustic Guitar Lessons, can anyone help please?

Hi everyone. I live in the Accrington area and id love to meet up with someone who understands/plays acoustic guitar. Im an absolute beginner and really struggling. Been on youtube but not got very far as its always much easier if your taught by someone. Im happy to travel Accrington, Blackburn, Burnley and also pay for your time. Ive also been struggling to tune the guitar even though i have 2 tuners and an app! Please help me, would love to meet a new friend and learn to play a few tunes. Im a 64 year old retired guy. Thanks in advance

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Old 06-11-2023, 21:21   #2
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Re: Acoustic Guitar Lessons, can anyone help please?

Have you had a look in music shops? I don't live in the area else I might give you a few lessons. But tuning is really easy if you have an electronic tuner. You set it to Standard tuning. Then take each string in turn starting from the low E through to the high E. You pluck each string and turn the machine head , either up or down plucking till the needle on the tuner matches the correct note. When all strings are the correct tension they will sound sweet when you run your fingers over them.
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Old 12-11-2023, 19:12   #3

Re: Acoustic Guitar Lessons, can anyone help please?

The best guy on YT I’ve found for guitar lessons is a guy called Rick Beato.
He’s good for music theory, ear training etc. Have a look. you’ll learn loads, don’t waste your time with guitar tablature. Learn to read music properly. It all clicks into place when you know Keys, Chords & Notes.

You’re right about sitting with another guitarist, they’ll show you the alternative finger patterns of Chords & all the other techniques they know.
Find someone who can read music & show you the proper way.

Don’t worry about Tuning a Guitar with an App or Tuner, get an E then Tune all the Strings to that. Your Guitar will be Tuned to itself. There’ll be loads of “How to’s” demonstrating this on YT.
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