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General Chat General chat - common sense in here please. Decent serious discussions to be enjoyed by everyone!

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  • 1 Post By Guinness
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Old 30-07-2022, 08:16   #1
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Who needs the soap operas

So, a certain xmp who being unemployed and having nothing better to do, posts a daily tweet that is usually unanswered or at best occasionally mocked.

Undeterred by this disinterest, and possibly after a heavily buttered piece of toast, he then usually writes an email, perhaps using a letterhead that is very similar to the official green parliamentary letterhead to give it gravitas. He then posts this email on his facebook page, usually under the banner of ‘I have today written to LCC, the government, etc…The email usually targets something simplistic or jumps on the bandwagon of an ongoing issue that doesn’t really need his input. Sometimes he posts photo bombs of himself with someone who has worked hard in the local community (what used to be referred to as a 'kissing baby' photo). Basically the usual ‘look at me, I’m down with the kids’ raising profile posts.

People used to respond, he didn’t like the responses so he removed and blocked the people that made them. Because of the blocking he now has a dwindling audience, and no responses other than the usual sycophants, so he decides to share his ‘look at me aren’t I wonderful’ stuff on some of the local facebook groups.

Now here’s the problem.....

If you block someone on facebook you become invisible to them, anything you post they cannot see. If you host a facebook group, you are legally liable for anything posted.

Long and short….

Admins on two groups have been blocked by a certain xmp and therefore cannot see what he posts on the group pages that they are legally liable for and have taken the common sense decision to ban him until he unblocks them at which point they too will reverse the ban

Instead of simply and quietly unblocking the admins… The response from Hyndburn Labour facebook group is:-


It goes on to name the admins personally, all under this anonymous ‘Hyndburn Labour’ banner, although anyone with half a brain can see the writing style of the true culprit.

Hyndburn Labour are not only in disarray and behaving like spoilt children, they are the true ‘nasty’ party. I’d love to see this garbage picked up and picked apart by the nationals.
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Accrington Web
Old 30-07-2022, 13:11   #2
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Re: Who needs the soap operas

He is the Me-again Markle of Hyndburn.
He once had a little spot light….once he had a say(limited though it was).
He crapped all over those who supported his desire to get to Parliament, by telling them they were all thickos and did not understand what leaving the EU would do.
He came over all superior.
What actual benefits did he engineer for the town?
Someone tell me how him being in Westminster improved our live here in this borough?

He is #accyladgonebad….and no mistake.
Having little to do now, he feels that stirring the pot is his hobby.

Well them that stir the sh1tpot should have to lick the spoon.
The world will not be destroyed by evil people...
It will be destroyed by those who stand by and do Nothing.
(a paraphrase on a quote by Albert Einstein)
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