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Old 22-06-2005, 04:52   #16
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Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)

Len, whilst you were there did you go to Malham Cove? I read somewhere that peregrine falcons were nesting and the RSPB had set up a platform with long range viewing equipment, i.e telescopes, just wondered if it was worth going to have a look. I was going to go last weekend but went to the harness racing at Hellifield
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Old 22-06-2005, 16:39   #17
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Re: Malham.(North Yorkshire)

Unfortunately we didnít get round to walking up to the cove even though it was only a short walk from the camp site. At the time we decided to leave that one until Sunday morning, but as it was our poor legs were so stiff we opted to leave it until next time we visit, so sorry I can not help you there.
I remember last year I walk up to the cove and there were a group of people all stood around a telescope and at the time I didnít have a clue what they were up too but now I know. Cheers.

On Saturday we set of about 12.30pm and walked to Janetís Foss and up to Gordale Scar. We didnít bother climbing the water fall as it looked a bit wet and slippery so we back tracked and moved on to Malham Tarn via the top side of Malham Cove. When we reached the Tarn we decided to walk around it.
We got back into Malham about 5.20pm, just in time to catch the beck Hall cafť still open because at this point we where very hungry. Hehe
I would recommend Malham as the place to go to anyone.

See photos here May2004

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